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Komputerbay 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 SODIMM (204 pin) 1333Mhz PC3 10600 8 GB Laptop Memory- (Not for Mac)


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Reported Bad, No Issues Experienced Review by new32 "new32"
I purchased this RAM to max my laptop and overall, there haven't been any user related issues. The increased RAM has really helped performance for my shared graphics and memory intensive applications that I use. Unfortunately, one stick constantly fails when checked using either the laptops bios tool or third party tools. The stick isn't bad but for production or server use, it would be no good. Given the price for home use, one stick with reported issues--again, I haven't seen any failures despite forcing a benchmark to literally eat up all my available RAM--isn't a bad deal. If you're worried, pay the extra couple of bucks for a more trusted brand. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
no problems at all Review by Michael Register "MReg"
Ordered 2x4gig Ram chips, put it in my I5 Mac Mini, no sweat and works great! Would bye from Komputerbay again, in a heart beat. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Excellent product fits and functions perfectly Review by Impressed
Received the product promptly and it was easy to install and works like OEM. Very pleased and would recommend to others, for macpro notebook ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Works great with 27" iMac Review by Shawno
I purchased a total of 16 GB worth of this RAM in order to upgrade a late model 27" iMac. I took the machine from the factory stock 4 GB all the way up to 16 GB. I've had this Komputerbay RAM in the iMac for about a month now and no problems so far. Excellent value for this much RAM. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great service and awesome product Review by CodyS
no bugs, no problems!!! computer runs fast, had to send on card back at first, but no problem they sent a new one right away and it worked fine! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Inexpensive and works great! Review by Jasmine Candy Plaza
I brought this for my 2011 Mac mini and it works great. I have brought RAM from Komputerbay quite a while ago, for an old iBook and it works great on that too; neither computers have had any problems. I would not hesitate to buy from these guys again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
8GB DDR3 RAM for laptop Review by Adv solorider
I purchased from Komputerbay because I found the best price from them and as with most RAM it came with lifetime warranty.
This RAM was for my late 2011 Macbook Pro. The Memory arrived quick, no hassles and worked like a charm. I have 4GB that came out of my Mac if anyone wants it! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Good as brand-named memory, Review by Munich Girl
Item worked fine on initial install. No directions, but no problems. It was harder to remove the access panel on the Lenovo laptop.
I read all the reviews and, knowing that the big names order from the same manufacturers as the no-names, decided to take a chance.
I'm typing on a laptop using the RAM right now. Works great. I'm pleased. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Not for Mac computers Review by max2simi
I have a Macbook Pro 15" quad core i7 processor. I was hoping to upgrade this macbook pro to 8gb and I came upon this memory module. Shipping took a long time, and after it arrived, I replaced old ram with these two chips and after 15 mins of usage my computer crashed. I gave it a second shot and my computer had yet another "meltdown" (Kernel Panic). Will be returning this and purchasing Corsair ram for a few more dollars ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Worked perfectly in my Toshiba Portege Review by Amazon Customer "LarsBerg"
This memory was delivered quickly and works perfectly in my Toshiba Portege R835-P50X. It was a wonderfully low price to double the amount of memory in the machine, and helps performance significantly, particularly with any in-browser video viewing. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Ram works great, seller is also great! Review by linuxman84`
I purchased 2 sticks of this from Komputerbay, and the ram works excellent in my t500. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Did not pass memtest86 Review by T. Vile
Heard good reviews on this RAM but when installed in my 2011 Mac Mini, it failed memtest86 over and over. I was so frustrated when trying to edit a movie and it would crash over and over. I was so frustrated when I wanted to surf the web with Chrome and would get the "Aww, snap" error message. I went with another RAM supplier and everything is working great now and no crashes. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Doesn't Work on DELL Studio XPS 16 Core i7 QM720 Review by Eric
This is my 2nd set of 8GB memory at Amazon for my DELL Studio XPS 16 Core i7 QM720. The description says they are compatible. NOPE! When I plug the memory in and turn the laptop on, I get the low volume light just blinks. The 2 other lights next to it stays on. The computer came with 4GB; I'm running a few VMWare Workstations so I need the RAM upgrade. Does anyone know the right memory and the correct CL timing for my laptop? Eric... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
This DRAM not working in 2011 Mac Mini with i7 Review by Clyde E. Middleton Jr.
Warning: Mac Mini owners. This DRAM DID NOT work in my 2011 Mac Mini with i7 CPU.
It is the correct type of DRAM butI get 3 beeps from the Mini after rebooting and no screen,
obviously a hardware error. Not sure if I got defective memory or not but the original
Samsung 4GB (2 SODIMM's) still work fine. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Happy Customer Review by John Gendron
I ordered this product about a week ago, and slide it into my mac mini. So far, so good. The extra 6 gigs has everything running a lot faster, and snappier. I am definitely a happy customer - great value! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Worked perfectly and painlessly Review by I C Oxim
The order arrived on time, installed easily, and has done the job without a hiccup. I installed the memory in a Mac Mini (2011). ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Extra memory works great Review by cannonmaker
I ordered the Komputerbay 8GB boards at my son's recommendation when I bought my new Mac-mini. It was much less expensive that buying the Mac-mini with the memory included. The boards arrived a day before they were scheduled. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Perfect on 13" MacBook Pro Review by esanta "esanta"
I ordered this memory for my 13" MacBook Pro (mid 2009), and I'm pleased to report it's been working perfectly: my 3 year old computer is now loaded with 8GB of memory for the price of a Blu-Ray disc. Amazing. Thanks, Komputerbay ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
I am pleased with the product Review by jm
I ordered this memory upgrade for my newly purchased MacMini. I read some other reviews and saw that the Mac purchasers were pleased with the product, so I did the same. So far, so good. The memory was easy to install and seems to be working just fine. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
aluminum macbook, wonderful surprise Review by Doug
though not explicitly stated, this memory (8gb of it) works perfectly in the aluminum unibody macbook (before it was renamed the 13 inch macbook pro). why pay more? ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
works great Review by edon
so i have a mac mini with 2gb ram ordered this one and now i have a new one powered by 8gb :) works great...everything on time ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great product-for a few months.... Review by Annita Perry
I was hesitant to buy because of the cheap price, but it was super easy to install on my iMac. It took about two seconds, seriously. I've been using it for a few months now with no problems what so ever.
UPDATE: Worked great for a few months with no problems on my iMac. Computer suddenly began randomly shutting itself down several times a day. Took it to the Apple repair shop, was told that both sticks of Komputerbay memory that had been installed were faulty. Both were removed, computer is now working fine again. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Eh. Review by Michael Adeshina
It was cheap so I went for it....1stick of RAM was bad, the other was suspect in other machines, but eventually worked in an Acer.
I'm sure This is a good company, but I will not buy discount RAM again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Value priced memory that works Review by Ricardo Gomez
I needed to upgrade the ram on a Dell Latitude laptop in order to learn virtualization. Since this was a learning exercise, it was not mission critical. I figured why not try this memory out? If it failed I would just return it and try another brand. To my pleasant surprise, it worked just fine. The laptop saw it right away and there have been no lock ups or memory related issues at all while running 5 virtual machines at the same time ( yes, on a laptop ). The brand name may be a bit unusual but the product is solid. I would recommend it. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Komputerbay 8GB SODIMM Review by David K. Carpe "Basso Confundo"
I bought these SODIMMs to upgrade my Lenovo T410 after loading Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. The memory of course makes a huige difference in running a 64 bit OS and taking full advantage of the Intel Core i5 CPU in the laptop. It definitely flies.
Komputerbay was a pleasure to deal with. Their price was very reasonable and it qualified for my Amazon Prime shipping. The new RAM promptly and has been working flawlessly since January.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Komputerbay again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great memory at a great price Review by Matthew Sohn
I purchased this memory to upgrade my Mac Mini. The Mac was shipped with 2G originally, but I needed more memory to run Parallels and Windows 7 Professional. Yup, even though I use Mac at home, I still need Windows for work like so many others. But with the RAM up to 8G, I can run both Mac and Windows applications side by side, and amazingly, the Windows applications actually run faster than my Dell laptop. So the memory is working out great, and the price was the best at the time I ordered it from Amazon. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Macbook Pro 8GB memory upgrade Review by Paul "Paul"
This was an excellent upgrade for my MacBook Pro, the memory is very simple to install, just remove the small screws around the sides of the bottom panel and then lift off the panel. You will then see the 2 memory slots, just pull the clips on either side of the memory chip to pop them out, and then replace them with the new modules. Make sure you push the modules down flat until the clips on the side snap into place. Then replace the back panel and turn on the computer. Done!
The extra memory certainly helps speed up the machine. It was delivered very fast as well.
Please be sure to have the following screwdriver before removing the back of the MacBook Pro:
E-Flite Screwdriver, #00 Phillips
This is also sold on Amazon and is VERY cheap but also very necessary to remove the screws ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Incompatible Review by Eric
I tried something a little less expensive than the Crucial upgrade for my Acer Aspire, but this memory was rejected by my laptop. Crashed a dozen times within a week, so I'm switching back to my old modules. Probably decent for other laptops, but not this one! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Works as intended. Review by Harlan Haskins
After struggling with other brands, this RAM ended up working perfectly in my 2009 MacBook Pro. And very cheap, too. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Purchase. Watch Install Video. Install. Enjoy Review by Dustin Bryen
I verified this product was compatible with my late 2011 MacBook Pro. I then purchased and installed just like I saw in a video online. I am pretty tech savvy but this is my first Mac so I wanted to be sure I new about any "tricks" there might be to open the case. It was almost as easy as a any other laptop and the OS recognized it immediately. I also run windows on this laptop and it also recognized the new ram immediately.
You won't be disappointed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
BSOD on a regular basis Review by R c
Have at least one Blue Screen Of Death Memory dump daily. I have to shutdown laptop by holding power button causing a improper shutdown. Have not seen any memory errors from Windows 7 OS ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Got what I ordered Review by Jason
I got the exact product that I ordered. Howerver, it did not fit my laptop as was advertised. After reading some forums, I found out that others had the same issues. I have no problems with the seller. I am just a little disappointed for the product not fitting like it said it would. I should have done more research before buying. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great Service, But it didn't work out Review by Ale Sanchez Bailetti
The RAM shipped in two days, I bought it with the expectation that it would work with the Macbook Pro mid-2009 model, because in the description Tt says it does. but unfortunately for me, the 8GB module does not work with a Macbook Pro mid-2009 model and causes glitches and random shutdowns. it cant handle it at 1333Mhz so it would glitch up, however if you only want to use one 4GB module at a time it works. If you want 8gb RAM that works for that model of Macbook Pro buy crucial PC3-8500 1066Mhz.
However the team at Komputer Bay gave great customer support and gave me a refund quickly as well as paid for the shipping back ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Works, kind of.. Review by Christian R. Beer
I purchased this RAM for my 2011 Mac Mini i5 2.3GHz. The computer came stock with 2GB of RAM which is clearly not enough as some simple system tasks like opening or closing iTunes will stutter or even "beachball" for a second or two. So I decided to upgrade the RAM to at least 8GB.
I went with Komputerbay brand in an effort to save roughly $8 over the more trusted Crucial brand RAM. Not so sure that was the right choice here. Upon starting the computer after install I went into the system profiler to take a look at the RAM and make sure it was working OK and reading right. It read 16GB... not 8GB. I thought that was odd and thought that maybe they had shipped out the wrong size chips and stamped them incorrectly as well (lucky me right?). The system was much quicker and snappier.. applications opened and closed without hesitation. Then I gave it a real test and here's my issue with the RAM.
I decided to re-encode some video files to use them in iTunes. At random times during the heavy processor usage my Mac would give a Kernel panic and restart. It did this multiple times with two different programs... I popped in the original RAM and while slow again it did not cause any panic's through the same processes...
So I am not sure whether I received bad RAM or if it just isn't up to par... To sum this up: Buy Crucial or a similar trusted brand of RAM. $8 isn't too bad for a little piece of mind and some extra quality control. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Watch your MacBook Pro speed Review by nrkmann
Three stars because I don't think the memory is bad just the recommendation that this memory would be OK. Replaced PC8500 with PC1333. It is supposed to work at the slower speed but after a while, especially while running Parallels w/Win 7, the system crashes with a kernel panic. In reading several Mac forums the consensus is not to use any memory other than the original design speed. The original Samsung PC8500 memory works fine. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
works great Review by Clark Michael Brown
I have had no issues with this memory installed in a Sony Vaio VPC-F11KFX/H laptop. It was a great price for the memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
BSOD "Blue Screen of Death Review by Erik
Recieved this memory and within a day my laptop started crashing. Put my old chips back in, been crash free for 5 days. I will say I have had KomputerBay in my desktop for over a year with no problems. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Had some problems with this one.. Review by M. Hyman "Artist at large"
used this in a 2011 iMac. I had a lot of trouble getting it to work, and I'm not sure if it ever did... when i put it in first, the computer didn't work. I pulled it out, and reseated the memory. Still didn't work. Repeated this a few times. Finally everything was fine. Turned power off... couldn't get it to boot. Repeated a few times and swapped around memory slots and finally got everything working. A few weeks later, though, showed up with only 2M alive out of the 8M. Reseated again. Sometime in this process I also upgraded the Mac OS. And sometime there after the computer started to white screen on a regular basis. I ran some memory tools and it said there were RAM failures. Sometime after this, the hard drive become corrupted and needed to be reformatted.
Now, I'm not sure whether or not the RAM contributed to any of these problems, or whether it was an innocent bystander of some other issue (like the 10.8.1 upgrade). but, it certainly wasn't as seamless as i had hoped and i ended up pulling the RAM out for good. (and reformatting the hard drive etc) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Is not compatible with newer AMD chipsets Review by Ryan
From the manufacturer, after I inquired post purchase: "We have recently been made aware of the new chipset from AMD and have only recently fixed the SPD code on the memory you received (you probbaly received the OLD SPD code that does not work on the AMD's)."
I would just spend the 2 extra $ and get crucial. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Reliable, fast Review by Hans Mast
These are great sticks of memory at an unbeatable price. I'm the IT Manager at a small private college and these went into our President's laptop and he's been delighted with the huge speed boost he's reaped. They've been rock solid so far and have passed the low-level stress tests with flying colors.
If these prematurely fail down the road, I will be sure to update the review ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Works great in MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 Review by S. Denowh
Installed this in my Mid 2010 MacBook Pro-- works absolutely perfectly. I've had zero problems, and would recommend these modules to anyone. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great in my Mac mini Review by Kellen
Shipped fast. Works great! Took my Mac Mini with 2gb of RAM to the next level. iTunes does not slow my computer down much at all. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
PERFECT MEMORY!! AS GOOD AS ANY!! Review by Matthew L. Anderson
I own a Mac/mobile device repair shop and do memory upgrades daily. Komputerbays memory is just as good of quality and performance as the more expensive RAM. I hope though as they get more popular they don't raise their prices *just because they can*. I recommended Komputerbay to anyone that asks. A little secret in this industry... there are only a handful of factories in china that makes memory and they all come from the same place and are branded differently... not all of course but memory is memory folks, if you can get it cheaper, DO IT! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
No so good Review by Domingo
After installing the computer boot up very slowly and I get 7.7 of RAM. Buy a well known brand one. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
quick shipping Review by Edward M. Peebles
I purchased this for my 2010 iMac to max out the RAM. Easy install, and was instantly recognized by the machine. However, my Mac now sometimes gets hung up during the boot sequence, which never happened before the upgrade. Don't know if that's due to the quality of the RAM, or the change in how the boot sequence loads with the extra memory; but once it's up and running, the machine works OK. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Good value RAM for my iMac, Review by James Tyler Dancy
Used this to upgrade the RAM in my Intel iMac. What can I say, it works fine. No memory error messages, but I have not noticed a huge speed increase since upgrading the RAM. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Komputerbay 8 GB DDR3 SODIMM Review by R King
I do not know if this item actually works. It would not work in my daughter's computer, but I am guessing that it is incompatible with her laptop ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Tripled the Speed of my Laptop Review by Dennis
The Komputerbay 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 Sodium (204 pin)...that I purchased from Amazon has surpassed all of my exspectations. My One year old laptop was very sluggish and I was ready to toss it in the trash. Now the new ram has almost tripled the speed. No more lags No more window pop-ups indicating "Low on Memory" and I can multi-task worry free,with multiple windows open. Great, Awesome hardware! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Arrived faster then expected, Review by M. Richards
Purchased 2-8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 SODIMM (204 pin) 1333Mhz PC3 10600 8 GB (9-9-9-25) to upgrade the RAM on my Mac. Product arrived 1 day sooner then expected and has worked great! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Good RAM Review by Scar77bg "Brad"
I purchased this RAM for my MACBOOK PRO. My order arrived before I expected and in very good condition. I put it in and turned it on, system came online with no issues what so ever. I would highly recommend this seller and will buy from them again when the need arises. As RAM goes i do not have any complaints. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
WORKING GREAT Review by Michael Brandmeier
AWESOME RAM/MEMORY--Working fantastic in my Mac Book Pro 13inch
And WAY cheaper than Apple memory which I have paid a lot more for in the past
to have the very same result. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Memory upgrade for MacBook Pro Review by SuperAMP
I recently purchase memory upgrade for my MacBook Pro. The order was correct and delivery on schedule. However, I am uncertain as to the memory quality. After replacing the original Apple memory with Komputerbay memory my MacBook randomly crashes and reboots. After testing it with the original memory, I deduced that the memory purchased is inferior.
Be careful when purchasing non-original memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
.One of the sodimm modules arrived dead Review by Scott Stevens
Spent about an hour figuring why my new computer would not post. Tracked it down to one of these memory modules is dead. I booted the system with both modules and nothing. Took one out and it booted fine. Switched to the other module and no boot. Clearly one is bad. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Excellent memory: fast, cheap and good quality Review by Geo_hazard
Bought this memory for my 15" early 2011 MacBook Pro and it's worker great! Computer is much faster now and the extra memory helped with photo editing. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
DDR3 memory Review by Eddie
It works now but the first time I got it in the mail only one of the sticks worked but I had no problem with the return the price was right ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Surprise, inexpensive Memory work Review by Manfried "Ruffmouse"
I bought this product because of the price. It was well below Kingston and other brands that I have used in the past, so, thought I'd give it a try and if it didn't give me the boost for my 27" iMac, I was not out too many $$. Anyway, I installed the ram a few months ago and it is working perfectly. Since I'm a digital artist, I have many programs open at one time and need some heavy lifting that this ram has provided me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Quick and easy from click to install Review by Marc Gevers
This was a great order, fast delivery as always with Amazon orders. The memory arrived professionally packaged and was quick and easy to install. The most important part - it all worked and made a huge difference on my girlfriend's machine! Installed in a 2010 Macbook Pro - 100% compatible (don't forget the right tools to install). ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Received bad RAM Review by Erin A
I ordered 2 sets of this RAM for my 27" 2010 iMac. I was worried about installing them on my own but after watching a YouTube video linked below I felt confident and gave it a shot. I immediately noticed a huge difference in speed and was very thrilled. However, about three hours into it, my computer just shut off in the middle of working,and it was very hot. This went on for a few days. I downloaded an App to see my computer's internal fan was working and it was. After some online researching, I was told to take some RAM out and see if it was the culprit. It took me a few days to rotate and test each piece of RAM and sure enough, one of the boards (cards?) was bad and causing my computer to completely shut off. Unfortunately, I waited to long to install them in the first place and I am passed the 30 day return period window. Since they come in a set and have to be used that way, I am down 8GB. The other set is working fine. I just wish there was a longer return exchange period for defective merchandise. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
iMac 27 Inch Mid-2010 Review by Mindray
I was a little hesitant at first to buy this RAM from Komputerbay. After all the price is so incredibly cheap compared to what you would pay Apple for a RAM upgrade ($168 vs $1000 for 16GB of RAM). However, I decided to give it a try.The RAM came on time (fulfilled by Amazon and I am a Prime customer).
Note: upgrading RAM on an iMac will NOT void your warranty. Apple allows you to upgrade your own RAM and they provide you with directions on their website of how to do it.
Trying to install the RAM was pretty annoying at first. After removing the access panels, I must have tried 15 times to push the RAM into place. Apple's website says I should hear I click if it is installed correctly, but I could not get that to happen. After about 20 minutes, I decided to turn the iMac upside down and place it on my lap, with the top of the monitor now pointing at the floor. I thought this would help me get a little more force behind putting the RAM into place. It worked and I heard the click. After turning the computer back on (I experienced no problems), I clicked on the About System button on my Mac desktop...and there it said 16GB!
This is definitely a recommended purchase if you are looking to upgrade your RAM on the cheap.
Update: 06/20/2011. Still working great. No problems and my Mac is super fast. The price has decreased since I purchased it which makes this even more recommendable. I have seen a lot of reviews for other users who have not had success with this product. Please remember to read your computers spec and call your manufacturer to get ALL the details on which kind of RAM you can use. RAM has many different parts to it, including Parity, ECC, and speed. I have only used this with my Mid 2010 iMac and it works great. But please do your homework ahead of time or you may disappointed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Happy Customer Review by Pixie "Glendale"
Could not get a good answer from HP, but after some research found that this works great for the new HP G42t-200 models. I received the order within three days, so delivery was great, and installed the modules in three minutes. (Did have to reseat them, but easy to tell the one was not installed correctly when you look at the amount of installed memory.) Very happy with purchase, especially considering that the next best proce I could getr was on Crucial brand for about $100 more and others are selling the two modules for as much as $500+. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Fantastic for my 27" iMac i5 Mid 2011 Review by ichawkeye2013
I was looking to order some much needed RAM for my computer (27" iMac i5 Mid 2011), and it was really difficult to find some that truly fit ALL of the specs, especially the PC3 10600 portion. This RAM was WAY cheaper than most, and it preforms amazingly alongside my existing RAM. This is AWESOME. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great Mac Compatible Memory Review by Paul VanMiddlesworth "SoCal GreenMan"
Even though they do not list their memory as being Mac compatible, I have just installed the memory modules and my 2011 Mac mini is full o' memory.
While the manufacturer wanted [quite a bit more] to preinstall 8GB of memory in the new mini, I now have a full 8GB at a fraction of the cost.
All tests show top speeds.
Make your mac happy. :) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great RAM sticks for laptops Review by Onaga
I have purchased the RAM sticks from Komputerbay. At first I was hesitant, because I wanted to buy a name brand, but this deal did not only turnout to be great in price, it was fast, courteous, delivered on time and worked great on my laptop, which is way much faster now.
I am happy with the lifetime warranty also.
I thank Koputerbay for standing firm behind their products and giving costumers any needed support.
Please do not pay the extra just for the name of a product, look more into the service and quality of a product, because surely this product is made with quality assurance.
I give this Item A+++++ rating and would recommend it to all who need to upgrade ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Pleasant surprise Review by M. King "Sr. InfoSec Analyst"
The item I ordered was an 8GB kit (2x4GB) of DDR3 SODIMM (laptop memory) PC3-10600 with 9-9-9-24 latency.
Received quickly and popped them in and off and running in 5 minutes. Excellent upgrade from the 3GB (a mis-matched 1GB and a 2GB pair). Video performance is noticeably better with the ability to actually use the dual-channels.
I have NO problems with either the product I received, nor with Komputerbay as a seller.
I would happily purchase from them again.
Side Note: This memory upgrade was for a circa 2010 Acer Aspire 7741Z-5731 purchased at WM for sub-$500.
Replaced the P-6000 with a i5-560M (after watching a teardown on YouTube) and breathed new life into an aging laptop. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Possibly bad modules Review by rockee712
I purchased this ram to use on my Late 2011 21.5" iMac, adding to the 2 slots I had open, this brought my total ram to 12gb.
Upon installing this ram I began experiencing consistent and unexplainable system/program crashes. I have not updated or done anything to the operating system since installing this RAM. These crashes occur without warning and don't seem to follow any discernible patterns. This lead me to some detective work. Perhaps bad modules? Perhaps bad slots? The tests began...
First I tried Rember. This failed, not in the sense it failed the test, but Rember crashed every time it tried to test the RAM.
So I tried re seating the ram. Perhaps it was my error in installation, although, having worked in electronics retail for many years, I am extremely familiar with installing RAM. Let's be honest, its not hard. This made no changes, still crashing.
Next I swapped the the 2x 4gb with the 2x 2gb I already had to see if I had bad slots. Still the same problem and actually the crashes increased in frequency.
I then isolated the new RAM by taking out the older 2x 2gb. The iMac barely starts up. This leads me to believe that a) I have bad ram or b) this ram is not iMac 2011 compatible, which would be inconsistent with some of the other reviews I have read before purchasing.
Obviously I am very disappointed. Honestly, I am not surprised because I already knew how finicky Macs are with RAM and that brands play a large role in what you can expect to work. Instead of going with Crucial, which I know is a lot more reliable on Mac platforms, I tried to save ten bucks with this brand. This was my error. Returning the RAM and going to pony up the 10-15$ to get the stuff that will work.
Edit 12/25/2013: Installed the new memory from Crucial and it has worked without any problems for the last 10-12 hours. Programs seem to be a little more snappy and less load times on photo editing work. I still highly do not recommend this Komputerbay RAM for iMac 2011 21.5" ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Works in a summer 2010 Dell Inspiron 17R (N7110) Review by John Fenton "Techie runner"
I installed this in my wife's 2 1/2 year old Dell Inspiron 17R (N7110). It matches the specs. It works. It tests out flawlessly. It gave a slight improvement to the Windows 7 Performance Index memory score. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Caused my 2010 27" iMac to Keep Crashing Review by Ronald C. Oden Jr.
I bought 16GB of ram from Komputerbay for my late 2011 MacBook Pro and it works flawlessly. I thought, what the heck, I'll upgrade my iMac, and all will be swell. Almost immediately my iMac began crashing. I ran a memory test and the ram passed, so I thought, maybe I did not do a good job installing the ram. I reinstalled and continued to have crashes. I went to the Crucial web site and ordered their 16GB ram for my iMac and I installed that, hoping the issue was not my iMac. It turns out it is NOT my iMac, it is the ram from Komputerbay. I'm not sure how to return stuff to Amazon (I've never had to do it) but this ram from Komputerbay will not play nicely with my iMac. Too bad ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great performance bump for my 2011 iMac Review by noisycats
I figured I would take a chance on this brand, knowing that Amazon's return policy is first rate. It has been about 3 weeks and I have experienced nothing but glistening speed on my iMac. No instability whatsoever and with a significant savings over more main-brand offerings. I've attempted to stress the processor and RAM with max usage of my apps and the results have been perfect.
I do have to admit, your mileage may vary. I was not so lucky with Komputerbay 16GB (2x 8Gb) which I will review at a later time but I can give this 8GB kit a huge thumbs up. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Great and Easy Review by Matt Stewart
This product is everything that the description says and has lived up to. i doubled my speed in my late 2011 macbook pro and have had no issues at all. i simply bought a tool kit for the screwdriver and needed and popped the old ones out and installed these and absolutely no issues. i highly recommend this product. anyone interested i suggest you give it a shot because it has been flawless for me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Perfect!! Review by Matthew T Bryan
Delivery was fast, and everything worked as it should. With the price they are selling them for, it's a no-brainer. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
changed my performance totally Review by B. Tinch
saved the life of my crashed lap top and saved me from buying a new $3,000 computer, great and best ever ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)
Bought it, didn't work returned it Review by T.J.
Bought it, didn't work returned it. They were good about returning it, but it was just a waste of my time. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 05/06/2014)

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