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Komputerbay 16GB (2x 8GB) PC3-12800 1600MHz SODIMM 204-Pin Laptop Memory 10-10-10-27 for PC only - not MAC


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Customer Reviews

Excellent as usual Review by Shane O'Connor
This is the third time I have bought an upgrade for my laptops from Kompbay. I usually buy my laptops low spec to save money, then replace the HD and RAM. This ram was inserted into my laptop and just works. And a steal at the price I paid too. A couple of hundred pounds cheaper than if I had ordered direct from Dell (Dell dont explicitly support 16Gb in their lower-mid range laptops, but my experience is that every laptop I have had in past year does in fact support more than the stated 8Gb Max.)

Basically, I cant tell the difference between this and any of the more expensive modules. It works, its fast and its cheap. Win all round.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Komputerbay MACMEMORY 16GB (2x 8GB) PC3-12800 1600MHz SODIMM 204-Pin Laptop Memory 10-10-10-27 for Apple Mac Review by Ssas
Pamieci super. Szybko, tanio i solidnie. Firma nie znana ale po rozbudowie sprzet dostal skrzydel. Zamienilem cztery GB na szesnascie i naprawde widac roznice.
Pozdrawiam. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Too thick to fit my own PC Review by Andy_atGC
The heat-spreader plates added to these SODIMMs add just enough extra bulk to prevent them fitting the slots in some PCs where they fit literally one on top of the other. In that situation, the respective modules could easily be in mutual contact via the heat-spreaders and that would make it difficult for the chips to cool. That is the problem with my own PC and I have therefore needed to return them for an alternative product. For those PCs where they fit either end-to-end or side-by-side there may not be a problem provided that there is the needed tolerance for their additional bulk.

The idea of the heat-spreader is a good one, in theory, as they would act to spread and radiate heat away from the chips. However the additional bulk they create may be a problem for some buyers. Without having first seen them 'in the flesh', it was difficult to assess whether they would be ideal for my purpose. Unfortunately, they are not! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Unknown Manufacturer, No worries Review by Adam
Looked around, this memory was the cheapest by far and I was uncertian if it would work in my 2011 MacBook Pro, but knew I'd be covered if anything went wrong.

Came packaged like every other memory module I've purchased over the years, fitted and worked fine and still going strong. Don't have any worry s with the brand or seller and acts and behaves just like any other name brand memory module.

Can't give any more so 5 was it, a little slow on the delivery, but our royal mail man is getting on in the years and I didn't choose any expedited delivery so it came within the estimated dates.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
uality good but dont work with mac pro mid 2012 Review by snakelimit
I send it back and will buy 1 for apple 4 quid difference XD and make live easy

If you put memory into mac and mac start make sound its mean memory is incorrect (3 short sounds)
all memory for apple need got something special instal inside memory to work with apple
then buy that ones for apple and save yourself return + wasting of time
I give 5 starts because was more like my fault

Update Receive correct ones for apple and all working as should XD ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
I cannot compare because I changed iMac for Mac mini. But with this memory my Mac runs smoothly. Oh no! I can compare one thing! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Work just fine Review by Tautvydas
Have been using RAM for couple of weeks now and it works fine. No complains.

Used with Samsung 9 Series 2012 15". Even though Samsung sais that it will support only 8GB the new 16GB RAM works. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Spot on Review by David G. Edwards
Ordered the memory the same day I ordered my new Mac mini 2012. Memory arrived before the computer, so can't fault delivery. Installed memory in seconds and it works a treat. To get this upgrade from apple would. Cost me (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good company Review by Someone
The RAM arrived, well packaged, very fast and in good order. It works, obviously. I would have no hesitation to recommend or buy again from Kompbay ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
My notebook is soooooooo much quicker Review by justi
I got a new, really great notebook. But as I started using it, I noticed that the performance was not good enough. From the moment I have new, bigger ram, it is a pure pleasure working with it. I am very happy about it :) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good value for Price:Till now Review by rom9
The RAM is exactly as described and works fine with my new laptop ! Windows 7 does recognize it perfectly as 16GB and its works smoothly. I cannot say much about the long term stability of the RAM at this point but its definitely worth the price for now! I took one star away for the packaging ! Could be better ! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
High Quality RAM Review by Mr. H. N. Lone "hlone"
I installed this into my new Toshiba laptop and it runs perfectly.. I am very happy with it and would recommend it unreservedly ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
kompbay review Review by matthew hunt
I have used kompbay three times in the last year for pc and laptop ram and on each occasion they have delivered exactly as described and before the delivery deadline. the products are always well packaged and have arrived perfect every time. this is a small company but i will highly recommend you use them. a great service every time
thanks guys. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Excellent Review by Andrew Carlson
Memory was exactly as described, packaged well and delivered promptly. Installation was a breeze and memory was both reporting and working correctly with no issues. Would definitely use again. Cheers. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Excellent Product - Seamless Results Review by Kathryn E. Goldin "katgold"
This was a great purchase - upping my RAM on my MacBook Pro was extremely easy and this product works great. My laptop is lightening fast now for editing photos! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Aside from being incorrectly labeled they were perfect Review by Launchpad "Launchpad BS"
I bought these for my 2012 MBP, they came labeled as the 1333MHz chips but upon inserting and booting they showed as the 1600MHz I was expecting.
Been using them a few months now with no issues at all. Would definitely recommend them ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
yeeeeah Review by Adam Briggs
macbook is now running @ 500 GBps. winner.

12 more words required

8 more words required.

4 more words required. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Works flawlessly on Mid 2012 Macbook 15 Review by Akis C.
I was a bit hesitant before buying this ram for my Macbook, but because of the low price and the positive reviews i thought i should give it a shot.

I ran Memtest twice after installation and everything appeared to be fine. I 've been using this ram for over a month now and had no problems so far.

Dispatched quickly and well packaged! Absolutely recommended! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Quick and efficient Review by D. E. Clarke
The product arrived in very good time, was well packaged and was installed into my new Mac Mini without a problem. Much cheaper than buying direct from the Mac Store in fact this 16GB cost half the price of the 8GB upgrade offered by Apple. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Superb Review by Indigo
Excellent product, superb price, great service.
Bought this ram for my new Mac mini and it arrived a lot faster than the mini.
Didn't even start the system once without installing it first.
Excellent price-quality ration. Saved about 240 eur compared to the Apple upgrade. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
One of these ram sticks blew after a month and is now faulty Review by James A. Kirkby
Done memory test on the ram stick showing its fried, dont buy cheap ram, always go for a named brand ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Impressive Quality RAM Review by Harry B
I honestly bought this as I had no other choice. The Crucial RAM wasn't available and this seemed to be my best and cheapest option. Little did I know it was actually a pretty good choice.

Once ordered, I received the next day (thanks to Amazon Prime!) and installed into my laptop (HP 8470w which came with 4GB RAM).

The laptop's performance has improved and it feels much more responsive.

I am really impressed of the performance of the RAM (and it is given a Windows Experience Rating of 7.8 out of 7.9!!)

Highly recommended. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
imac memory Review by Paul
received the memory pretty quickly, worked a treat on my new 27in imac 2012, no complaints.

I would have no problems placing orders with this vendor again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Avoid on iMac 2012 27inch! Review by LBJ
Hi, got 2x16GB (four sticks of 8GB total) for my new iMac 2012 27inch (iMac 13,2) to avoid the Apple RAM Tax! Installed fine, booted fine but within 24 hours I started getting new kernel panics after sleep and increasing app instability. So after repairing disk, permissions clearing SMC and PRAM I decided to run the Apple Hardware Test suite (Boot holding D) and I found the following error on rapid (3min) and extended (30min) test: 4MEM/9/40000000: 0x80748590. So duff RAM. I was unable to locate the stick at fault so I put the Apple 8GB back in and all issues ended and the error disappeared and the iMac cleared the Apple Hardware Test with no issues. My conclusion - RAM is not iMac 2012 compatible, so AVOID if you have one of these iMacs. Perhaps you will have better luck if you use a differing Mac. All RAM being returned tomorrow. I hope for a rapid refund so I can get an alternative. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Asus N56M 16GB Laptop memory Review by DikDik "Mandala"
Received in time , almost as they said,, within 5 days! Opened my laptop, took out the old memory modules, slid in the two 8gb modules and powered the machine, voila after couple of power up, the laptop is running as smooth as the modules were factory installed! If you know your cpu e.g intel, then i recommend that you check your cpu at their and it will tell you what kind of memory and what is the max limit. Asus says max is 8gb but its not true, my laptop can accept up to 32! I recommend this product and its a hassle free installation, Good customer service.

-------UPDATE 25-JULY-2013---------------------

Had to send in my laptop for repair and they found out that one of the module was faulty. Contacted the komputerbay and asked they for replacement module. Waiting for their response.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Worked perfectly Review by Sudo
I bought this for my new 27" iMac, like hell was I paying apple's extortionate RAM prices. It arrived promptly and worked first time with out any issues, seems to be a sound and reliable product. Very happy with the purchase, especially at the price! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Strong, reliable Review by Razvan
Bought this memory 1 month ago for my N56VZ laptop. I had the Corsair Vengeance before and they overheated and crashed the laptop, I am serious! The Kompbay works flawlessy, and they stai cold during stress! I seriously recommend them! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good Transaction Review by NS
Goods arrived within a few days, Well packaged and clearly labelled.
All original seals still intact, and to date I've had no issues with the RAM in my late 2012 Mac Mini ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Great Review by tomtiger11
This 16GB ram is perfect for a Mac Mini ram upgrade (which is what I used it for)

Good Packaging
Does what it's meant to do

Makes computer warmer inside ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
16 GB DDR3 RAM Review by Nikolai M
Very decent modules(2x8GB) 1600 MHz of RAM, replaced the initial 8GB I had in my laptop, laptop and system recognized the modules without any problem, everything works flawlessly, would recommend it to everybody, delivered on time, seller is trustworthy.
Laptop is late 2012, running on Win8. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Komputerbay Memory Review by TinPusher
Have now made a number of purchases of memory from Komputerbay via Amazon for laptops and home based server systems. Have never had a problem even on a lab server using with 100% utilization of 16GB of RAM with virtualised workloads. Already contemplating an upgrade of the lab server to 32GB. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
not compatible Review by nemesis
i brought this to use in my asus n56vm laptop with core i7 quad processor but when this was installed it worked but would crash to a blue screen of death after the laptop had been on a while it may have been a faulty unit but i was not impressed that much with the memory as the labels on it look cheap and nasty looks poor quality so decieded to go for a different make of memory at the moment my windows experince says 7.8 with 8gb of factory ram so dont expect to see a increase in any performance but want the extra ram for video and photo production ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Works perfectly. Review by Mr. Andrew M. Brocklehurst "Mr Buys-a-lot"
Works perfectly in Mac Book Pro. Totally compatible and does what it says!

If you want to upgrade your Mac Book and don't want to pay Apple's silly prices then this will do what you want for a lot less money. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Work on my MacBook Pro Mid-2012 Review by Pavlin Ivanov
Excellent product.
Work great on my MacBook Pro Mid-2012.
Very easy instal, less 5 min.
I'm very very happy :) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
worth the price Review by ryan
This 16GB ram works perfectly with my mac mini, no complaints there and pretty cheap too for the size. Recommend. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
First class product Review by Readingfan
I didn't really know what I was looking for when it came to RAM for my Mac Mini except the figures and specs that I needed.

I purchased the above product on the basis of what I was told I needed. I bought it, really, because it was inexpensive compared to others and it was well reviewed.

There is always a fear when you insert new RAM into you computer - will it start? Have I fitted it right? Is there some error?

I needn't have worried. The whole thing, from ordering to installing and starting up was a breeze.

Difficult to say much more than: I wholly recommend this product. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Worked first time Review by Wanny7 "Northumbrian"
Bought this as the price was the best available.
Bit fiddly to install, being a novice, but worked straight away, no problems ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
16GB of memory Review by M. Row
picked out this item as being good value for money and meeting my needs, i.e. 16GB of RAM suitable to upgrade my Dell laptop's standard 6GB. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Ram Review by Mr. Jim Davies
Bought an i7 Laptop from work. It had 8 GIG of RAM.
It now has 24 GIG.
Runs lovely for my 3D design software. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Not to bad Review by T. Alexander
Bought for a Mac mini fits perfect not seen a massive improvement apart from Final Cut Pro that really eats up the ram sucks up the 16gb quick ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Very pleased with purchase Review by Stoobie
The memory arrived very promptly and was securely packaged. It only took a few minutes to swap out the existing memory modules and replace them with these. There is a definite improvement, less disk thrashing and I can run several programs without overloading the laptop fans. I am very pleased with the purchase. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
No issues with mid 2012 15" MBP Review by JJW3
Works perfectly with my mid 2012 15" Macbook pro, this upgrade combined with a fusion drive have made the Macbook a far better machine than it was out of the box. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
It works Review by redarrow100
I stuck it in my new MAC Mini and it works, nothing more to say really - other than it's cheaper than buying the memory from Apple. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Impeccable Review by Joe
Excellent price, excellent product, and excellent service. Cannot fault anything about this transaction whatsoever- my MacBook Pro now has more than enough RAM to handle everything I do on a daily basis. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
perfect memory upgrade Review by Welcome Sales
Purchased the memory to upgrade my old laptop.
Memory fits perfect and works a treat. No issues with compaitability.
Much cheaper than other known brands in the market. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Perfect! Review by SJP "SJP"
After watching the Crucial memory jump in price to over (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good Service Review by Krishna
I was looking to upgrade my Macbook memory and they offered the best prices on Amazon. The product arrived before the due date and it is working perfectly. So I cannot do other thing than to recommend this to everyone! Thank you! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
All good Review by longhairedsi
Initially didn't arrive so was given a full refund, thanks!. Item has now arrived and been installed in my laptop(lenovo T420) and is working like a charm :) The speed increase is very noticeable.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
works great Review by Jonathan Lee
I recently upgraded to an sd and the ram so now my samsung laptop works very smooth, I would recommend this ram. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Spend the extra bucks for some crucial Review by Simon Amram
It works, but it often malfunctions and my computer completely shuts down and doesn't save anything, and they had the nerve to send me an email asking for my review, well thats it. Also Breaking Bad is amazing! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
It's RAM, it worked Review by Gavin
This arrived promptly, plugged in fine and "Just-Worked" would use again. I know of Komputerbay from other places but this was the first time I've bought them on Amazon and I'd happily do it again.

***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Perfect for the job Review by Richard Spenceley
Bought this for my Alienware laptop. Shipped quickly, works perfectly with no issues. Would have been happy with this at a higher price, at this price it's a no brainer. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Dell 14Z Memory upgrade Review by Alastair
Bought this upgrade kit to improve performance on my Dell 14z ultrabook. Was a little cynical about buying as most sites suggest the maximum memory for this unit is 8Gb, however memory delivered quickly arrived well packaged and i now have a Windows 7 64 bit machine happily using 16GB. Been happily using for several weeks now and absolutely delighted, big performance improvement and great for running VM's. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Cracking Cheap RAM Review by Chris
The mac mini that this RAM is in is on 24/7 and has been since I bought it a month ago. It runs 3 virtual machines and thus has 90% of available RAM used. It's not crashed once, doesn't run hot and is nice and quick. Count me as a very happy customer. Thank you ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Great Review by Telmo M.
My macbook performance with 4 Gb was great until i started more them 4 apps (ex: iPhoto, Safari, Xcode, Mail) then it would be very sluggish, as i do a lot of multitask, this purchase was a life changing. I recommend to anyone who is in the same dark place i was. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Laptop Memory Review by Rob
Ive been using this memory now for approx 9 months. Absolutely stable and benchmarks as it should.
This company unlike others follows up your purchase asking if you are entirely satisfied and if not may they be of any assistance.
Its a breath of fresh air in comparison to multinationals which are a nightmare to deal with should you have a problem.
I bought this memory as a quick replacement while i awaited that huge manufacturer Crucial to replace their faulty batch.
It took almost 3 weeks , needless to say komputerbay's memory is still in situ and going strong.
Highly recommended and i have since purchased other products and have been delighted ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Ram boosted My mac Review by Thai
Initially i was weary about glitches and bugs that may occur when ramping up my Macbook pro late 2012 model to have 16GB RAM.

Been using it and it works fine ! boots up programs in a second and runs smoothly then ever before.

Previously had 4GBx2 and is now selling that here: ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good buy, Review by Ken Warner
I hesitated to buy from a relatively unknown supplier, but easy to install, works first time and transformed my laptop. Very pleased ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Very Good quality memory Review by Cezary
The Komputerbay memory just works as advertised. No small prints, hidden information. Timings and speed exactly as described.
Tested with Lenovo Thinkpad X230 ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
simple, compatible Review by Andy
exact match for the new imac model that had only just been released when i bought. very reassured by the accuracy of description, the very good coms from Komputerbay and rapid delivery ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Mac Memory Upgrade Review by Durb
The upgrade memory kit arrived promptly and well packaged. The insertion into my Mac Mini was effected by following the instructions from the Apple site. Apart from some stiffness in unlocking the base it went well. The upgrade was slightly thicker than the existing simms but fitted and was recognised on reload. It certainly improved my response from the Parallels Software that I purchased it to run. I have had the memory now for three months and have had no problems. The package I received was labelled as Crucial memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Macbook Pro RAM, Review by Riccardo Flask
The RAM kit was just what I needed to boost my MBP. I have no bad comments as the transaction was smooth and the item delivered on time. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Very good Review by Andrew Birchall
Had no problems with this memory. Fitted to Mac Mini 2012. Works perfectly. A little fiddly to fit but that was due to the Mac's memory slots
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Exactly what was requested Review by Michael M
Accurate description and prompt delivery of correct memory for Mac. Cheaper than normal supplier for memory. The memory received was correct for the Mac and appeared identical to memory previously obtained direct from Crucial. Good seller, will use again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
I purchased this memory for my MacBook Pro and the service from little known Komputerbay was excellent as is the memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
iMac Mid 2011 Review by Sharon Williams
Easy to fit, and upgraded my iMac (Mid 2011 edition) do it now has 16gb of memory.

Works well in conjunction with the "FreeMemory" app. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Works great! Review by screaming_trees
Worked perfectly in my Macbook Pro (mid 2012). It is a hell of a lot more responsive and speedier, really happy with this! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Just perfect. Review by Karl
This needs almost no explanation, I got 16Gb for my mac, I was 1% worried it was too much for my mac. But it arrived early, packaged well, installation was a doddle. The RAM worked exceptionally well, I can now do alot more with my Mac.

I am 100% satisfied with it. Its been installed for a few months now and all is well! If you're considering this then heres my advice: Just do it! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Memory works great Review by Mat
Put this in a Mac Mini and it works perfectly. Delivery was speedy, product is exactly as described and generally a perfect transaction! Many thanks! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Worked, no problems Review by Mr. P. J. Beckett
This memory upgrade worked without a problem, the installation was easy (unusually for a apple product) and worked without a hiccup.
At the third of the price of the official price. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Excellent all round! Review by MR PETER EDWARDS
The product is fantastic (my MacBook Pro is now bulgin with 16GB of RAM!!) and the service was impeccable and fast.

Absolutely no complaints.

Thank you! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
in my mac mini 2013 Review by wafers
I have a mac mini 2013 perfect working!!!! no problem at all.
this memory is real good value fat and reliable ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Great product Review by MFH
Have been using this product for about 3 months now. No problems whatsoever, significantly faster boot times and improved productivity, in particular when virtualizing windows 7 using parallels desktop. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Mac mini Ram replacement Review by Big_troll
Replaced standard 2x2GB without a pair of 8GB 10-10-10-27 1.5V non mac sticks. Operation lasted almost 1 minute. Works perfectly with the Mini.

RAM sticks some kind of spill over from production as producer id = 0x0000000, so these sticks are bought from producer by Komputerbay before being primed with id and serial number. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Excellent Product - Delivery let down by Amazon Review by Simon John Preston
I had bought 8gb from KomputerBay last year - thought it may be a bit of a gamble as I hadn't heard anything about them - but the price was so good. Anyway the RAM arrived ahead of schedule and worked like a dream.

So, I hadn't any hesitation in buying 16gb for my new ultrabook. Great price, only let down by slow delivery by Amazon - NOT Komputerbay's issue.

Would I buy again - YES ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good price quick delivery Review by MIGUEL
Exactly what I expected. I used it in Intel BOXDC3217BY Barebone Mini-PC (Intel Core i3 3217U, Intel-HD). Installation was easy and have given no issues in these two weeks. Running openSUSE13.1, and Oracle linux. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Does the job Review by C. Kranz "-ck-"
Works well, installed into Intel NUC and have no faults with it. Overall good value and would definitely buy again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Konmputerbay RAM Review by William E. Wood "wwood168"
I have bought Komputerbey RAM chips on more than one occasion, as they offer lifetime warranty at a more reasonable price than other well know suppliers. Their RAM has always passed my MEM Test routines without failure.
Well Done Komputerbay. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Works Great Review by Gary Bolton
Received promptly well packaged. Very easy to install on new 27 inch imac. The operating system saw it straight away
boosting the ram to 24gb, and the mac has been working fine ever since.Can recommend this product to anyone wishing to boost a modern mac. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Absolutely excellent Review by Richard Eader
I bought a new iMac & was looking for some extra RAM to upgrade it from the standard 8GB. As Apple generally charge a premium for their extra RAM, I hit Amazon. Komputerbay came up as the least expensive & I have to admit, they hadn't many ratings, but I decided to take a chance & I was not disappointed. Extremely fast delivery, very secure packaging & a first class service. I've saved them in my preferred vendors list & will have no hesitation in buying from them again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Good RAM Review by Pauly-Uk
Fitted this RAM to my Acer ultrabook, works perfectly. I also checked my Windows Experience index, which increased as expected. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15 Review by T. Sterritt
Bought two of these to upgrade my Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro from 4GB to 16GB - installed fairly easily, slightly thicker than standard modules so it's a snug fit.

No issues being recognised by OSX, performs as expected.

Dispatched quickly and well packaged, overall very happy with the purchase. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Memory failed - did sit correctly in cradle Review by Mr David Martin
The heat spreaders caused the memory to not sit correctly in the cradle, hence any slight movement would cause it to fail. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Address Test Failed after running memtest Review by StuartJP
Installed in my 2011 Macbook Pro running OSX Lion. Booted and was detected fine, however the OS crashed every few minutes. Ran memtest, which revealed lots of errors in the RAM ("Address Test Failed") ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Works great with 2011 MacBook Pro 13 Review by Mark
Bought this RAM kit for my late 2011 MacBook Pro 13" base model (2.4ghz i5, 4gb ram model). Installed real easy, took 5 minutes and booted straight in to OS X. Mac reports 16gb available and running at 1600MHz. Shared Video memory also increased to 512MB, the max currently possible on this model.

Carried out Apple Hardware test and both modules passed 100% with 0 errors.

So far very satisfied with performance boost, especially under heavier photo editing using LightRoom and Photoshop CS6. I have not noticed any additional heat or change in battery life since installing this kit.

Small issue with purchase fee but seller resolved this very quickly and with zero hassle.

I feel happy to recommend this to other MacBook Pro owners knowing it does exactly as advertised on the late 2011 model MBP. Thanks Kompbay! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)
Great upgrade Review by Richard Groves
Simple to install and then sits there just making the machine better. Well packaged, no problems to install and now my machine has probably more RAM than it needs but it runs so much better with this added to the base 8GB that it came with. There isn't a problem with having 2x4GB and 2x8GB in the two pairs of slots. So much cheaper here than getting it from Apple at purchase time and no difference in operation from what Apple would have used.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 13/06/2014)

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