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Komputerbay 128GB Professional COMPACT FLASH CARD CF 1000X 150MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 7 RAW 128 GB


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Excellent value for money Review by Steve B
I have only used my Komputerbay 32GB 600x card for one session at this time in my Canon 5D MkIII but as of now I have found it both reliable and capable of recording data without locking up my camera however fast I take pictures. I think that it is the cheapest compact flash card in its class.

I have since bought a Komputerbay 32GB 1000x card as an experiment. It is not only much faster than the 600x (there are no problems with the buffer even when it seems like you are pressing the shutter release very fast in 12 to 20 picture sessions) and its only about half the cost of a Lexar 1000x. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
good value card Review by Discerning
acree with farmer john very happy with card and would give it a positive evaluation for a reasonably priced card good buy
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Komputer Bay 16GB CF card Review by farmer_john1
Purchased this card for my Canon Rebel. Very happy with it so far. Would recommend it to anybody looking for a reasonably priced card.:-) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
First use is impressive Review by Martin
I bought this a an additional back-up card, and even though the price is half of what I usually pay I have not been disappointed. Doing a quick comparison against my Duracell identical type of CF card, I find the Komputerbay CF card is faster to write to than the Duracell. I took 23 RAW shots on my Canon 7D in continuous mode and noted it took 17 seconds to write to the card, whereas the Duracell took 23 seconds.

It would be unusual for me to shoot this many RAW files at one go, so I tried it with high quality jpegs (18MP), 57 continuously at the same shutter speed and it wrote them almost instantly, I noticed the read/write light was on for no more than 1 second.

Further test will tell but from what I've seen so far I would be happy to buy more...... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Super bit of gear from a company I had never heard of. Review by Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen (real name)
Got this to replace the hard drive in an iPod and it works a treat. Having used a fair few of these with a Nikon camera I can say with confidence that this is as good as any I have owned to date. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very fast at a great price Review by T30
Great product, great price. Working on my 5D3 shooting raw with no glitches or hitches. fast delivery etc. The 64Gb version is the fastest ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very good Review by GBGB CF
Used in camera and as backup disk with pcmcia adaptor.
Performs as expected.
Speed as expected.
No surprises.

Could use some utilities to make it bootable. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
A very good CF Review by Diego Galmarini
Price quality, this Compact Flash Memory is very good, I recommend it. It's fast and I have used it on my Canon 50D and it works great. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Perfect for 5D mark ii filming. Not professional burst photography Review by A. Clark
Despite the card being slower than stated, the card is still fast enough to film 1080@25p content on a canon 5D mark ii.

Since it is compact flash, you are limited to 4gb files which equate to about 12 minutes of footage inc sound. This totals to a nice 96 minutes of footage per card.

As for stills on a 5D mark ii, the card and camera is capable of capturing a quick burst of max 8 photos (RAW and high res jpeg) before the cards speed begins to show and starts taking photos at just under a photo a second. Just saving jpeg files sees only a small amount of slow down on the card.

All in all, fantastic card for what I want it for, it doesn't owe me anything. And I am sure it will last me some time, since it feels like a standard cf card (despite claims it feels cheap here). No errors, no problem with fitting in the camera.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
3rd Party did it right Review by dmbTank
I was hesitant to buy a third party product from my digital camera work, but after using this in the field it has and continues to perform flawless. Why pay premium for a name? This flash card performs with the best of the best for a lot less coming out of your pocket.

I recommend it for any digital recordings up to HD. I currently use this in my Digital Camera for both stills and movie recordings. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Incredible value Review by William J. DePalma
Not much to say except that it works and it is CHEAP!!!
Definitely recommended if you are looking for speed and storage capacity ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works just as well as higher cost media Review by TCNYC
Using on 1DC. Was amazed at high cost for latest 1000x media and had heard this was a solid lower cost option. Have used for many hours and works great. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
been very good Review by PBH 201
High Speed Compact Flash is hard to find within reason. Komputerbay seems to have done well in producing an excellent CF while holding down the price. I'm using it on my Nikon d800 and it has performed well. Downloads well and no writing difficulty. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Excellent product Review by zip
Very fast CF card. Works perfectly. Excellent price. I have purchased a number of KomputerBay products and all of them have worked perfectly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
works with my Nikon d4 great Review by db "db"
I got it to use with my Nikon D4 since sony xqd format cards are ridiculously overpriced. tested speed and reliability in my own non scientific and it seems to work as expected. very happy this far ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
so far so good! Review by pcain
have used on two shoots so far. Using a DSLR shooting HD video. I have not tested read write speed or put it through any stress tests but I can tell you I have had no problems with it. It was the price that allowed me to take the risk and I dont regret it. In a few months Ill have really put this product through the ringer and I will give a more detailed review. If you are looking for a high capacity card at a great price to shoot HD video on I believe this is the one to get. Once I get a USB 3.0 UDMA 7 CF card reader I will know exactly how this card stacks up. But like I said. Two shoots. No dropped or corrupted files. No card access errors. No complaints.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great performance at a fraction of the market price, Review by Abiernat
This product performs perfectly well, and at a fraction of the market price. Not sure how a professional photographer would rate it, but with a Canon 7D I have had no issues at all. Go for it if you want to save money, or would otherwise not have a large-capacity memory in your machine based on price limitations. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
(64GB )Fast card - Great for raw video Review by Ali Holloway
I now have two of these cards (64GB) and was prompted to purchase them after Magic Lantern unleashed the raw video capabilities of the Canon 5D MKIII.

What is important is that both cards I have received have worked with no issues from day one and continue to perform flawlessly. After a little research into these cards it appears that one of my cards has the slower SM2236AB controller, however this card will still give sustained write speeds of around 94MB/s which is enough to write continuous 1080p raw @ 25fps with the ML firmware.

The cards fit perfectly into all CF card slots I've used in camera and on card readers. They format as you'd expect any drive to (exFAT formatting for the 5D MKIII is great). The read an write speeds, although never as good as suppliers state, are fast enough to satisfy the most demanding shoots. In both photo and video modes these cards have never let me down. I have not lost any data on these cards as of this time and have been shooting with them every day since I purchased them.

I would advise 64GB to be the perfect size for raw video as they are faster than the 32GB and 128GB cards and offer enough storage for most work - I wouldn't recommend shooting raw in a docu environment as you'll chew through data in no time. That's a no brainer!

To confirm, both my cards will shoot continuous 1080p @ 23.976p, 24p, 25p raw video without breaking a sweat. I can also get 25p from the 3x crop too most of the time, but this result changes with each build. Bear in mind that depending which ML hack (at this stage - things change everyday with ML) you use can determine whether or not you need to "warm up" the card/camera by running off a quick video with skipped frames. I'd suggest reading the ML forum regarding this, but as of the latest (27th June) build I don't have to warm up the card/camera.

I'd recommend these cards to anyone that needs a fast card, wants to save themself a whole chunk of cash and wants to dabble in ML raw video. They do everything I want them to.

Edit: My faster card (SM2236AC) allows me to shoot 1920x1280 at 24p continuous almost every time and when I select 25p the firmware states I have about 2000 frames (however I have recorded past this and not had any skipped frames). ML firmware states the card is writing around 100MB/s at this resolution and frame rate. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great value Review by mac3
Works perfectly in my Nikon D800, for much less money than other campact flash devices of the same capacity. Excellent value for me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very happy Review by M. Tolliver "Anxiety- Yes or No!!!"
Would recommend these to anyone. I love them and will be a longtime customer. No problems with it what so ever .
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great product Review by Hboss
Great results for the size, excellent investment, no worries about running out of space for pics and/or videos at high quality. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Quality at a fair price Review by PhotogMike
This card is great for the price. I bought it to use with my 5D Mark II that has Magic Lantern on it. The RAW recording features require a fast card and a LOT of space. This card fits those needs great. The only issue I have with it is that the read/write speeds don't seem to be as high as expected. Definitly not 150/MBs in my tests
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
KOMPUTERBAY 128GB Professional COMPACT FLASH CARD CF 1000X 150MB/s Review by PalmSpringsPerry
This was my first compact flash (CF) card purchase - I've been using only Secure Digital(SD)cards - so far the card has worked flawlessly and it was delivered promptly - A shout out to Komputerbay - PalmSpringsPerry ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great price for good product! Review by hatami1974
I would recommend this product for shooting with Canon 5d Mark III in raw mode. Good price for a great product! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great CF Card for way less than big brand names Review by Forks Fan
This card has been rock solid and fast. Save yourself the dough and pick these up they are just a good as cards I've seen for four times the money with names like SanDisk, Lexar, etc... A Great Buy! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Awesome performance at reasonable price Review by Roy Sweetland
Was a bit apprehensive at first to make this purchase on line but was very please with the on time delivery and performance of the memory card in our Canon 5D ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works great!! Review by etra
After purchasing the Canon 1DC I purchased an equivalent Lexar card which was $675. I then purchased this card and it appears to work just as good at a price of only $200. I would definitely recommend this product. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
An unknown brand CF card Review by Muhammad Babar "|MBS-..|"
I came across this card during my search over the Amazon when my 128 GB card from Lexar card suddenly get malfunctioned and showing me 33MB rather then 128GB. When i saw the world leading brand in memory card fails like this, thought not to invest more money on it and try this non-famous brand which so far working perfectly fine. Based on my so far experience, i can recommend you guys to try it out ..... and save some cash.... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great Value for a High capacity, High Speed CF Card Review by Richard Basner
Great large capacity very fast CF card.
Ordered it for shooting Eagle photos in Alaska at 12 frames per second! The card was great, reliable, even in all day cold weather. Great value compared to name brand card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Camera didn't recognize it at first Review by M. Trutt
I bought this to use for a long-day wedding shoot. On the night before the wedding, I put this card into my Canon 5D Mark iii, and the camera would not recognize the card! My camera has the latest firmware so I don't think the problem was on my end. couldn't read it or format the card! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use it at all.

On a whim, I put the card into my older 5D Mark ii, The older camera was able to format the card. After that, the 5D Mark iii was able to recognize the card. I was able to reformat it in the Mark iii.

Since then the card has worked fine. No problems whatsoever. it's fast and it's ridiculously high capacity for still photos. I can't imagine ever filing this card during any single event. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
GREAT VALUE Review by M. B. Shepard
The card works great!! Real fast when shooting multiple pictures at a rapid rate. A must buy for the value!
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Komputerbay 128GB 1000x and 1050x. What user's don't know Review by Cinema Photographer
Purchased card to have additional video recording times on a Canon 50d than the 64GB 1000x. Had read reviews that the card didn't function with the 50d. The reviews were correct. However, Komputerbay's tech support was actually able to address the issue. Within in a very short time Komputerbay made the card work with my camera. *Note the problem is specifically related to the 50d camera and Magic Lantern firmware. The card worked perfect from Komputerbay, but it was my camera that would not allow me to install Magic Lantern without Komputerbay's tech support. Their technical support is awesome!!!

* Been recording video with Magic Lantern on the Canon 50d since June this year. The Komputerbay cards are perfectly consistent. I own (2) Canon 50D cameras. (2) 64GB 1000x Komputerbay cards. (1) 128 1050x Komputerbay card... Currently testing a prototype video anti-aliasing filter from Mosaic Engineering too. It is a product that I use every week as a freelance videographer. f you are interested this type of recording package it will provide professional results time and time again.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works well for 5d3 raw video, Review by Doug
I read the neg reviews on this so bought 2 KB 64g cards instead, which work fine for raw vid @ 25fps.

I recently investigated their 256g 1200x card and understand the 5D3 doesn't see 256g. KB told me they've improved this card so I bought one to see and yes @ 1920x1080x25fps there's more head room than with the 64g cards - though I couldn't do 44khz 16bit sound (maybe something lower would work) or 30fps - but I did fill the card in one shoot so the 5D3 definitely sees 128g.

I did have 1 instance of the camera stopping during that shoot due to dropped frames. Generally no big deal for me, though pros needing assurance of getting all their clips may not be happy. Also had that happen immediately after filling the 128 using one of the 64's. I think that was a camera heat issue. Raw goes through batteries and they were quite warm coming out of the camera - and the camera did feel warm - though not hot when that happened.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Fast, compatible with Nikon D800 Review by Eric Agan
The Nikon D800 is very picky when it comes to CF cards. Wanting to run with dual cards in backup mode (where each image is stored on *both* cards for redundancy), I needed both a CF and SD card. I was skeptical of KomputerBay, being so low cost compared to brands like SanDisk, but some googling showed plenty of praise.

First I tried a 600X KomputerBay 128GB CF card, and while that card worked perfectly and at the advertised speeds, it did *not* work in the Nikon D800. Keep in mind this is no fault of the card, the D800 is just annoyingly picky.

Thinking the extra speed would be handy anyway, I returned the 600X and bought this 1000X card, and /wow/. Not only does it work in the D800, but it's definitely as fast as advertised. Just like in one of the product photos, I tested it using CrystalDiskMark on Windows 7 with a UDMA7 compatible USB3.0 card reader and my results were the same, +/- a few MB/s. In terms of shooting the D800 with it, continuous burst seems to go on forever even shooting full 36mp lossless compressed RAW files.

Not specifically related to this product, but this may be useful for anyone else using dual cards in a D800: In backup mode, the D800 will only be as fast as your slowest card. My SD card is slower than this 1000X beast, so when shooting fast is more important than having a backup, I switch to "overflow" mode with CF as the primary -- this way it only writes to the CF card. To make the switch fast, I added the "Secondary slot function" menu item to "My Menu" for quick access. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great product, arrived as described Review by Dave Brinda
I took a chance on this off-brand product, and was pleasantly surprised. Arrived on time and as described. Popped it into my 5DmkIII, formated, and was recording RAW video w/ no errors. Highly recommended for anyone needing high speed capture on a budget. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great Card Review by Kasiem Scott
This card showed up in a few days. I bought it for my Canon 5d Mark III. It works great. I've had it for a month. Handles everything my camera can throw at it. Video and capturing pictures fast. Very little down time for writing files ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Value and quality here! Review by Walt Jackson "Met Opera Fan"
I trusted Komputerbay with the first 2-hour video shoot I've made with my 5d mark iii, and was not disappointed. The price for this 128GB CF was also the best I've found. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very Fast and Reliable Review by C. Decker "Team Louish"
These are the best cards ever. My new source for memory cards. I have the 64gb and the 128gb, both work flawlessly.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Perfect for ML RAW Review by Alex Finden
I bought these cards, as well as the 64GB versions, to shoot with Magic Lantern RAW on my Canon 5D Mark III. They work perfectly. So far, I've received no dropped frames. I've heard that the 128GB cards technically write slower, but the difference isn't enough to matter when it comes to recording frames, so go for the better deal if you're planning on shooting large amounts of footage. I definitely recommend Komputer Bay over other brands, considering their price, and I guarantee you won't notice a difference. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works with my Nikon D800E Review by C. P. Loy
It just works and it works well. The speed is fast and the plenty of storage. No more swapping out the smaller card in the middle of shooting ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Using for aerial work Review by Dana Slaymaker
I have two of these cards and use them for large scale vertical photography in D800E Nikons. The cards hold around 7,000 full size jpgs and easily maintain a firing rate of one frame a second for several hours. We have filled and downloaded them several times, always reformatting before we use them again. Our first one has probably recorded 60,000 images without problems so I will be buying more as I need them ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Irreplaceable! Review by Parker "Matthew"
I shoot 4K with a Canon 1D-C and these are exceptional, ultra reliable cards! Picked up 2 and picking up 2 more soon! Great value for money. Don't miss! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
By far, the best performance among the other dozen plus cards I tested in my D800 Review by V. Monzon "Outlaw Hunter"
By far the fastest of all my cards...others rated 80-94Mb/s.
No fancy packaging, just superb performance.
Initially, when inserting in my D800, it came up with a "for" signal...indicating, it needed to be reformatted by the camera. After a few tries, got it done. With the camera set for Large, fine JPG (36.5Mp) and simultaneously RAW), it indicated 1.1K shots available.
After the 14 shot buffer filled, it only paused about a second before taking a couple more shots....My other Hi-Perf SanDisk and Lexar cards (near top end) were taking about 3-5 seconds to recycle.
This card is NOW my permanent CF slot card in the D800.
And, with the Anker USB 3.0 card reader... had zero issues with downloading...VERY VERY quickly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Not Bad Review by ivan
I purchased this card for my 5D Mark III to record raw video. I did a benchmark on the camera via the ML debug mode and got write speed between 77 and 88.9MB/s. That is not bad and is perfect for doing RAW videos. This one is a keeper for now. The read speed was between 110-125.4 MB/s. I know the manufacturer promised a write speed up to about 100MB/s, I am happy with what the card is writing at. If you need to buy a fast card at a cheap price and is not too picky about getting a write speed of 100MB/s then this card is great buy.

I will be putting it through the test this weekend with some raw video shooting.

Update! After my weekend test. I successfully got some nice raw footage from my camera but after downloading the files, I could not format the card. The camera reported that the card was corrupted. My computer said the same. I ended up sending it back to Amazon for a refund. I will purchase it again in hope that the new one will work. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
So far, so good, Review by Par Rasmusson
Bought the card as a backup/second card for my Canon 1D C and after two months -- so far, so good. I use a PC and have had no problems at all. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I haven't really used it enough to absolutely love it. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
UPDATED (again)----From 1 star to a 5 star rating. Great product and customer service. Review by Aperture Science "Aperture Science"
UPDATE: I been using this on a Nikon D800E. Filled the card up several times. Upload speeds via USB 3 are very fast if you have a hardrive that can keep up with it. I have a SSD as my main drive and two 3TB in raid 0. It uploads at around 140-160MB/s.
I would rate this manufacturer as good if not better than the big brands. They have good customer service also. (see original review) The 1 star review you see above was a person that tried to use the card in an older mac OS. If you buy a large SD card such as this, make sure you have the latest OS (Mac or windows) or at least something made in the last 2 years. Buy a good memory card reader (I had bad luck with sandisk readers) USB 2 can only go to about 20-45MB/s; USB 3 can go much faster 160MB/s+++.
Last words: BUY IT
I first gave this product a 1 star review due to bad performance numbers. I printed out return slip but gave them a call anyway. I found the person I spoke to at customer support very knowledgeable and he spent a good 45 mins to a hour on the phone with me. He ran tests on computers with the same chipset as my and worked with me to figure out why the performance was only 40MBs Read and Write. When I told him I was using a sandisk image-mate USB 3.0, he know that must have been the issue. I had already ordered a new memory card reader because I guessed that was the only other thing it could be but did not think the sandisk could have been so bad. Well, today I got my new kingston FCR-HS3 memory card reader, USB 3 also, and ran the same tests and wow! All my memory cards are better. The Komputerbay now tops out at a amazing 154MBs read. This is going to save me so much time when uploading 36MP images from my D800E. The tech support person was great to talk to, here is a bit of inside info he gave me. They use micron/crucial chips on the 128GB card and a MSI controller if I remember correctly. He said it the same as the Lexar 1000x cards. The Komputerbay smaller CF cards use samsung chips. They sell many of these cards, about 80 a many people must be happy with them or they would be here writing bad reviews. He also gave me a few tips on how to use these cards. They must be formatted in camera. They camera should detect the size and use the exFat file system. Cameras use fat32 if possible unless its a large card. Also, don't try to read from these cards on old OS's (mac or PC's) They should work fine with new versions. And a personal tip, always test your card before doing important work. User H2testw to write to your whole card and verify the data. A full format also helps but can take 45 mins. (make sure to let your camera format again after) I'll update review in a few weeks.
Update: April 2014
I now own two Komputerbay cards (such a stupid name). I happen to get a bad card as my 2nd one. It would work and format just fine on the PC (Win 8 and UDMA 7 CF reader) but it would not format or work on the D800 or 5D mark III. In a odd way, I was happy to talk to Komputerbay customer service. They seem to have a single tech but he is the most helpful customer service person I have spoken with. I had him running around checking serial numbers and testing on different computers and it came down to replacement of the card. They paid for shipping both ways. A surprise was that they offered to replace my working 128GB 1000X card. Why would they do that? Because no device would support the speed of the card when it came out but since then, new devices came out and they happen to replace the controller inside the card (They are made in the same factory as Lexar as I was told) New cards are back and they seem to be faster than what my kingston memory card reader will go. About 120+MBs. I had issues with sandisk in the past and customer service was terrible. Komputerbay might be a "generic" brand but products are as good as the big guys and price is almost too good to be true. Komputer bay does read these reviews and they will email or call you if you have any issues. I hope they read this and send me some free SD cards ;) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works like a charm Review by Kim Jensen
I ordered five 128 gb cards and all have worked fine and as advertised. I'm using them in my Canon 1D C for 4K capture. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
For me it was a great gamble Review by Jakartaguy "Jakartaguy"
I bought this card because I wanted to try the RAW Magic Lantern Video hack on my Canon 5DMIII and even though there have been reports that these cards are hit and miss, I decided to plunk down 200 bucks (including expedited shipping). I have to say I am very happy with the results and I must have gotten one of the good cards because not only am I happy with the performance of the card but two days ago I had the card on my lap in the car, dropped it on the way out, had it run over and stuck in the dirt (top plastic piece broke off), AND IT IS STILL WORKING.
The great news is that komputerbay really wants to build their name so they have a no-hassle return policy (well, I am not "brave" enough to try to return my driven-over card) so if you do buy it to try the RAW video hack and it doesn't work, you can easily return it for a new card (not sure about refund policy.)
The bad news is that if one day I am shooting a video and I lose video because the card goes bad, I am going to cry and wonder if it was saving the 400 bucks. But you have to put measures in place for issues like that, and any card whether it is a cheap komputerbay card or not, bears risk.
So as a user and as a hobby videographer I give my thumbs up to these cards. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
High Quality CF Card: Top Notch Customer Service Review by Lowell Sherris
I tested this card thoroughly. It was able to maintain 153Mb/sec reading. It was able to burst write between 120 and 130Mg/sec. Sustained writing was 68Mb/sec. That is not shabby for a card that is one quarter the price of the Lexar Card.
I used the card in my Canon 5D Mark iii. It had no problems keeping up with either HD video or raw still shooting. There were no read or write errors. I actually purchased the card with the intention of shooting raw full HD (1920 x 1080) video using the Magic Lantern firmware. The requirements for this are sustained a sustained write speed of 83Mb/sec. Since the card maxed out at 68Mb/sec it could not do this. However it was able to shoot raw HD at 1600 x 900 flawlessly.
I contacted customer support. They were prompt, courteous and very informative. They explained the write speed it dependent on may factors, including the particular camera and function. I learned the KomputerBay 1000X 64Gb card is faster and would be able to write full HD raw video. Customer service was very professional and expedited the my returning the card to Amazon.
I did purchase the 64Gb card; it runs at 86Mb/sec, records full HD raw video, and also works flawlessly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
OUTSTANDING!!! Review by Nicholas J. Natteau
I was about to purchase a Sandisk 128GB for over $643 until I read Philip Bloom's review of KomputerBay equivalent. Delighted to say this card has performed so far flawlessly for hundreds of dollars less!!! Save yourself the money and get this card. Pros have tested it and found it to be rock solid.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
great product Review by Dharmesh Patel
Best price in its memory range quality product. And speedy delivery I will be all set for my next trip to Miami beach ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
They work well for me, Review by Ronald Diel "NYC Ron"
I've now bought four of these for use with a Canon 5D iii and a Canon 7D. Where I've been out backpacking, etc. for an extended period, this gives me 512GB of picture storage without having to do a download - preferable to the more jury-rigged and heavy solutions I've seen posted. It does require some confidence in the chips, which some of the other reviews put in question for me, but after using one for several months with no issues I decided to take the risk rather than "pay up" for the name brands (photography is an already expensive hobby for me, maybe if it were a profession I'd pay the difference).
Now I'm just back from a 2-week trip to Capitol Reef Nat'l Park, where they all worked flawlessly confirming my faith. It was great to have half a terabyte of storage that fit into a small case.
As mentioned in another review, however, you do need the right high-speed USB card reader - I'm using the Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card Reader. For me, it wasn't that the others were slow, they simply didn't work. Since I could still download from the cameras using a USB cable, I assumed the cards were OK and the reader was the issue so I tried a few and this one works well; both reliable and fast. If I hadn't tried various readers, I would have blamed the cards and given them a low rating as others have done here.
Summary: not only would I buy these again, I did, and I would recommend them to others as well. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works Like a Charm Review by caleb porzio
I have used this card for a few months as a DSLR filmmaker. Works great! Very fast and haven't had any issues. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
So Far So Great Review by Thomas S Buchanan
I bought this card because I needed something fast enough to record RAW video on my 5D Mark III, and speeds are as advertised so far! I was a little skeptical in buying the cheaper card instead of the Lexar, but I wanted to test out RAW video shooting before investing a lot of money in to it and if this card hold up I don't see why I would not stay with Komputer Bay because it seems to perform exactly like a high end memory card with a not so high end label on it! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great Flash Storage Review by Jake Sorensen
Would be a 5 star rating but both times I ordered from Komputerbay the first card I received was a dud. Both times they were very easy and quick to switch them out for working ones. So far I have not had any problems with them. I am a bit concerned that the first two were duds. Hopefully they won't have any problems in the future.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works Great with Nikon D800, Review by Matthew Chimbos
Enough storage and more space than I ever need, with my Nikon D800 set to RAW with compression it can hold 1,500+ photo's.

Fast and works!
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
works great on my D800 Review by edouarda
Excellent card on my d800 make sure you use the appropriate card reader video captures was great improved this card well with the money and time ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)

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