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Komputerbay 32GB (4x 8GB) PC3-10600 10666 1333MHz DDR3 1333 DRAM DIMM 240-Pin RAM Desktop Memory Dual Channel KIT 9-9-9-25


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Customer Reviews

Works good in a Dell Server Review by Novice
I put this in a Dell T410 Server. It is running great after two weeks. Easy install. Quick Shipment. Seems like a good company to do business with from my end. Recommend. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
ram review Review by jos
I am very satisfied with the product I received and will gladly order something through this company again in the future. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Works great so far Review by Ed Beauchemin "Ed B"
Works great so far. Will update this review if anything changes. Got it very quickly. Great prices. Would buy again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good DDR3 memory great price Review by R. Newhouse
I bought the 2 8gb sticks of DDr3. Fast delivery. Worked great in my Asus board. I would highly recommend this company. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Errors on a Mac Pro Review by David H. Nguyen
I had a good experience with Komputerbay RAM on my MacBook Pro. So I thought I'd try this on a Mac Pro. Unfortunately, memtest86 reports errors. Even worse, after a few reboots, not all 32 GB of RAM is recognized by the computer. After initially reporting 32 GB of ram, the computer is now reporting 24 GB of RAM. No go on the Mac Pro. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Komputerbay 32GB (4x 8GB) PC3-10600 10666 1333MHz DDR3 1333 DRAM DIMM, Review by River City MCPO
5 star quality and customer support at 3 star prices. My shipment arrived on time securely packaged and in excellent condition!

Komputerbay customer service followed up via Email to ensure that I was satisfied with the quality of their products, service and prices. I was and I am! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Not stable Review by Rabidwonton
Bought this RAM because it was very cheap, about 2 minutes into a 15 minute computation my machine locked up, so I shut it down, rebooted and tried again. Same story, computer hard locked up, except that after that it wouldn't POST at all. Popped this RAM out and some other RAM in, boots fine and doesn't crash. This was running at default settings (not OC). I wouldn't buy it again.

System Specs:
Core i7-3770
Radeon 6870
Crucial m4 256gb ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good RAM Review by Zachary B Roulston
This memory has operated flawlessly since installation. It's not the fastest RAM around, but who can tell anyways? I have been running this in my ESXi home lab along side an AMD FX8120 without any problems. I would definitely purchase again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
RAM upgrade Review by Don. E. Dunne
have just had a tech. put your 32G's into my ZT Athlon 6-core--(no I'm not a gamer) and have had no issues--need to start from square one as far as technology is concerned--read neophyte at 57 thanks again ( ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Modest savings, frequent system freezes Review by Amazon Customer
Figured I'd give these a try based on favorable reviews and price/gb ratio.

Upon installing the Komputerbay memory modules, memtest86 consistently froze almost immediately upon startup. Autodetected memory settings were to blame for that.

Setting the BIOS memory timings to 9-9-9-25 let memtest run through two passes, so I gave these modules a few days to prove themselves during actual use. During that period the system froze up (requiring reboot) between 2 and 5 times per day.

Had none of these problems with the memory I'd been running before installing the Komputerbay modules, and I haven't had any problems subsequent to swapping them out the Komputerbay bits for modules from another brand.

Have an RMA set up for these, just need to box them up and send them back. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great Value Review by Chris "Chris"
The price was great and the memory works as it should, no complaints. I would definitely buy this memory again, and I would buy from Komputerbay. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Was willing to give it a try but didn't work on mid 2010 mac pro Review by Rockson Mars
Installed the 4 Komputerbay 8GB modules ram and wasn't recognized by my Mac Pro. I even reset the rams PRAM and NVRAM still no go. Tried a number of configurations recommended by mac and user boards. Still no go. I was hoping for a cheap solution but ended up buying from OWC. Same ram, bit more money, installed it, worked, now have very fast computer for video editing.
I am sure it would be a solution for some. Maybe got bad modules, maybe other factors, but I don't have the time to fool around. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Dr_rahulshah Review by Rahul Arvind Shah
I just build a computer and wanted 16 gig of ram and have to say I was a bit spectical but this ram works perfectly so far. Would recommend this product without hesitation. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Some worked, some did not Review by L. Schrader
I have now ordered three packages of this 16 GB memory. I have used two of these in a Mac Pro tower. The first two orders I received had chips on both sides of the memory card, then this week I decided to add more to another Mac Pro.

This time the memory cards only had chips on one side of the memory card, and none of my Mac computers would work with this new and different version. So it's kind of a gamble what they ship you, from my experience it varies as to what memory cards they ship.

The first two 16gb sets work fine, just they are not ECC, which my Mac still seemed to handle fine, just the last batch I got was not compatabe in my Mac Pro.

At least you can try it with Amazon, and if you get the single sided chips, and want to use it in a Apple Mac Pro, for me no workie.

Two stars, because they shipped me a different item from the ones I was first receiving ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good price, good product Review by Mongkol Raksapatcharawong
I have been trying to find a high-capacity module for my desktop and I finally found it on Amazon. The product arrived fast as promised. The installation was a breeze and it showed 16GB of RAM. I have been using this memory for almost a month with no problem whatsoever. Very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommended. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Works great Review by Horse
This memory works exactly as advertised in my Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, with a Core i7 2600K CPU. Item was delivered on time. Would highly recommend this if you're using a Sandy Bridge CPU. If using Ivy Bridge, go with the 1600 speed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
works as advertised Review by George Gombossy
I am not a computer geek, but i am a consumer columnist and i purchased these chips because of the price. they work as advertised so far. will let you know if i have any trouble. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Affordable 32 Gigs! Review by Murnau22
Bought these sticks of memory for new editing station I was building. SO far, they work excellent, and for the price I bought them for, can't beat it! Great sticks of memory, high recommend if you're looking to boost your RAM! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
No complaints Review by Allen R. "Allen R."
I took a risk in getting four 8gig sticks from a company I am not familiar with but the price was so good. In the end, after a couple of months of use, I have no complaints. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Happy with this product: Komputerbay 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 RAM, Review by Brian "It may often be easier to go with the
I purchased this set of memory because I needed faster DDR3 than I had because I upgraded from a Core 2 Duo to a Core i5 CPU and new mobo to go with it. I play various games, both solo and multiplayer types. I also use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and other programs that are fairly resource hungry. I find 8G (dual channel setup) of RAM is enough, but the speed increase was a must.

So far I have no complaints. Even though they do not have a heat dissipation kit I have not experienced any problems. My system runs smoothly even when I have multiple programs open and am running BONIC for SETI@Home in the background full time.

The price is good and I intend to purchase another set to give me 16G of DDR3 dual channel RAM in the not too distant future from Komputerbay. Can you get better gaming RAM, sure, but unless you really need it because every tick of the clock matters (as it does to heavy gamers who spend money to have the best systems, or use a high end system designed for highly detailed graphics animation programs and such [which are typically built to spec, and not home built]) then there's no reason to buy higher end.

This product is good enough for most people's uses and again is a good deal. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Perfect fit, exactly as promised ! Review by M. T. Clark "M T C"
This ram was exactly what I needed to upgrade my Alienware AX 51 system. Affortless install, no errors, well packaged and spot on ! Well worth the money, and my 64 Bit Windows PC loves the breathing room now! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Excellent Value and Service, Review by J. CHANDLER
Excellent service and excellent product. You cannot go wrong with Komputerbay. I ordered
RAM for my Asus P9x79 Pro and they worked with no problem. Ordered a second set, which
is not necessarily recommended by Asus, but again, installed and they worked. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Excellent for the price Review by Bobby Ray
he product was excellent and the price was reasonable. It was easy to install and worked like a champ. I would purchase this product again ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
ice Review by Ice
straight to the point, technically good... My digital life has changed... With the world of HD you can not go wrong (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Excellent Product, Review by Richard W Maag
I have purchased 64 Gigs of this Ram. Never a problem. Performes as well as name brand Ram. I will purchase more. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Fast, stable, and cheap Review by Keith Skronek
I think the Title says it all. My only disappointment is that Windows 7 Home Premium x64 has a 16GB limit so I'm not able to see the other 4GB I have installed. Will definitely buy more if I move to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8. Highly recommended. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Best Memory Deal Period Review by Micheal D. Prater "michealprater"
Why would anyone pay more for memory? This memory works great, I was able to put a massive amount of RAM in my PC for a fraction of the price. It has a lifetime warrantee, so you cannot go wrong. Do not listen to the brand snobs! This is a great deal all around! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Excellent Product, Review by Lana M. Haley "Momof2"
The memory works great. It makes computer games work better than any of our other computers do. I would recommend this product. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great Price, works as expected Review by Antonios
I bought these for a new build using asus motherboard and running on ubuntu 12.04. Machine is running fast and smooth. I would buy from this company again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Update - Memory Failed Review by CG03026
2-7-14 update. Memory has now failed after about one and one-half years, actually I suspect much earlier, but I now finally determined the cause of all my issue with the PC to be from the memory. Now I am spending the money to purchase Kingston quality memory.

Turned out to be junk over time. Too bad there is now way to get my money back. 18 months of use from memory is not enough.
The four DIMMs of memory arrived on time. The DIMMs were not packaged tightly in the blister pack and two of the four were sliding around in the package, but no damage was done. The memory installed effortlessly and has been functioning without incident for over one month. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
so far, so great Review by homesweethome57
i never heard of komputerbay, but i was willing to take a chance since i saw a bunch of positive reviews. easy to install and have had it a few weeks now and am pleased to say the least ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Works as expected Review by johnislarry
I was a little concerned buying RAM from a relatively unknown shop, but it's been about two or three months and I've had no problem with either stick failing. A pretty standard purchase, no surprises for me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
new memory Review by Kelton R. Joyner
Never heard of this vendor but the price was right for 2 x 8GB of memory. Put the memory in my new motherboard with an i3 dual core processor. Booted system and ran memory checks. No problems found. Everything seems to be working OK. Memory speed tests also passed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Blue Death Screen! Don't Buy it ! Review by pigyellow
If you want to see what happened with my computer, just email me, I will send all the pictures to you! The blue death screen with says " Memory manager error" pop up every 5 minutes! I don't know Komputerbay sent me an error product or That is the problem of all Komputerbay Memories! When I bought this product, I knew this is a strange brand name and I don't believe it's good! But, it's so cheap! you know? And...I was wrong and I will not do something stupid like this anymore! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Exactly as described, Review by Marek
I bought this item from Komputerbay which is 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1333 RAM for my desktop computer and I am very pleased with it. My computer is super fast and I am able to work with AutoCAD and other programs without any problems. I upgraded my PC to windows 7 Professional from home premium and it allows me to use all of the 32 GB of ram. I don't write many reviews, but one thing is for sure it is great item, and made my computer fast as lightening speed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Low cost and works fine Review by Richard Keller
I wanted to add memory to my computer and saw this and figured I would give it a try.

Arrived fast and works fine. I am thinking of buying more. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great Buy Review by thekidwenthxc
Works great, perfect price. I definitely recommend! Took a blind shot at ordering this and was not sure how it would work but everything does work great! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Works fine under Windows 7 Home Premium. Review by JR
I used an ASUS Motherboard and Intel I3 microprocessor with Windows 7 Home Premium and had no issues at all. The machine reported 16GB memory on first boot. Been working fine for about a month. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good Inexpensive Memory! Review by E. Burgess
What can I say? It's memory, it's inexpensive, and it works! I have had this installed for a few weeks now and have had no problems. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
As desired Review by Amazon Customer "AvidReader"
The product is what we needed and worked perfect. It was not for a vital deployment, but was stable memory. I would order again. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good product Review by Sergio
Good product, worked fine as advertised, no dual channel, but I think it is caused by my 2 yrs old mobo (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Cheap, but awesome ram. Works great in my ESXi box!, Review by randoIT
Cheapest memory I could find with already great reviews. Just want to add another success story! This works great for loading up a home ESXi server. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good Product Review by A. MAN
Installed on a Shuttle SH67H3 to be my ESXi 5.1 whitebox. It didn't give any compatibility issues. All the modules were recognized at the first run. How long will it last only the time will tell. But so far it's solid. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Komputerbay 16GB RAM works great Review by Michael Dade "Michael"
The memory from Komputerbay worked great in my AMD FX-4100 machine. It was a little slower than what I had but for the price it was a steal. Just a warning that Windows 7 Premium only lets you use 16 GB of RAM. It is a great time to buy Windows 8 if you want professional and are ready to take the leap. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great priice and quality memory sticks. Very pleased., Review by Amazon Customer
I was looking for inexpensive 8 gig sticks for my new computer. I remote into my office in Canada from my Lynden office, so I had no problems getting the product. I found Komputerbay as a brand that had the memory, but I'd never heard of them before. However, the prices were so reasonable, I took a chance, and I was very glad I did. It's great RAM, and I will purchase again from Komputerbay the next time I need it.

Cliff Robinson
Sherwood Shelving, Ltd.
Abbotsford, CA ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great stuff Review by bruce
Was worried because the price was very low, but they have been working for a month or two with no problems, would highly recommend them ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
"This is some good RAM man. . . " Review by Tiffany Record
These two 8Gb sticks of RAM are installed in my work machine, in a production environment running AutoCAD and RevitMEP. This is a great buy from Komputerbay and works very well in our Dell Optixplex 9010 i7's ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great memory Review by Timothy A. Sawyer "T Sawyer"
The memory worked right out of the box, and have had no issues since. This seems to be a company that stands behind their products as well ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Nice Product, Nice Price Review by FQ
I'd been searching for that item but other sellers doesn't have an equivalent item or the price of the item is higher and the specs of the item is whats makes the difference for me, so this item have a good price-value relation, theres why i choose this item. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good RAM Review by Samaritan
I bought this to pair with my other 16GB worth of Ram I'd bought from them earlier this year. The RAM is terrific, works flawlessly on my ASUS motherboard and is the cheapest I've found thus far. I'd recommend this to anyone. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Worked when other memory did not Review by Eric Borresen
My PC was running 4 gig of RAM but I needed more for video editing. I had purchased 8 gigs additional RAM from a manufacture with great reviews. I installed it, but on the second day my PC started crashing with memory errors. I tried swapping memory slots and tried taking my older memory out, but my PC kept crashing. In the end I took all the memory out and installed 16 gigs of Koputerbay memory. Now my PC is content and so am I. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Satisfied Customer Review by T. Donnelly
RAM has been in place for over a month - running fast and no crashes (previous RAM crashed the machine daily). Vendor shipped quickly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good service Review by dwfine
I bought it, they shipped it and I got it. The company may be new but they are doing the right thing to build their business.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great memory! Review by Brian
I'm using this in a Biostar H61 ITX motherboard and it works perfect! I would definitely purchase Komputerbay memory again! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good Deal Review by david r
So far so good, you are getting what you were advertised, in other words a lot of RAM at a very decent price. I have had it for around 8 months without sign of any problems. of course this isn't high end ram in terms of specs but slap 16 gb of it in you computer and your RAM troubles are definitely over. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Nice one Review by Raj
Without looking at the specs, ordered 16 GB and put it on the computer and blew it away. Fortunately, PC was under warranty, HP fixed it and sent it back to me. Replaced one 8 GB memory and now works like a charm. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
New Memory Review by Brian K. Allen
The memory was exactly as stated and worked well. The shipment came very quickly. Overall I am very happy with the product and the service. I can recommend this for those of you needing memory. But make sure you check your system and know what you're buying and if it's compatible. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
very cost effective memory Review by x "-Joe"
I purchased this memory for a virtual host and it worked correctly in 2 out of 3 mother boards that I tried it with. The memory passed all tests and is performing great so far. Very happy with it. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Added Ram for our Workstations Review by John L
We purchased this ram for our Acer Veriton workstation computers. We wanted to increase our computer performance because we do a lot of work with AutoCAD. Obviously, working in Microsoft Word or Excel may not be all that ram intensive. However, we definitely saw a benefit in computer speed when working in AutoCAD, especially when we had more than one drawing open at a time. Each work station has four memory slots, two of which were already filled with 2gb sticks. Adding two more 8gb sticks increased the work station to a total of 20gb. We are very pleased. The Komputerbay ram was compatible with our existing memory and our machines. We will buy again from Komputerbay. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Strong, fast and reliable Review by Scott Ryan Smith
I purchased these sticks of RAM back in October and has been used for a 6-core AMD build with a GTX 660 and a 120gb HyperX 3k SSD. 8gb is allocated for RAM and the other 8gb is loaded up as a Ram Drive. It's fast, stable and has shown absolutely no signs of defect. Love it and buying another set to fill out my slots. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good Memory, Great Price Review by Zootown
I was a little reluctant to purchase this product as I'm not familiar with the brand. But the price was right and I figure most all of the memory out there probably comes from the same plant anyway. It has worked well, I haven't done any speed checks on it but the machine it's installed in has hadn't any problems. I will buy this brand in the future. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Worked right out of the box.. Review by Web_Bandit
Purchased 16GB of Komputerbay DDR3 for my new computer(with ASRock Extreme main board). Installation was easy with BIOS recognition on boot. No problems to date.

Thanks! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great Deal Review by Bill Cole
Couldn't find a better deal on memory at the time, have these installed for several months now and they just work! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Most RAM per dollar Review by Benjamin Levy
This product is the best available ram for today's current motherboards. There are no processors that accept other 1600MHz RAM chips at full speed at this time. This is a great way to build a maxed out system. It is much leas costly than than other ways to acquire 32 GB of RAM. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
excellent bag for the price Review by Rischa
I ordered this for as a birthday present for my husband. When I opened it to see what it looked like, I was very impressed with how well it was put together and the leather feel is very soft. Looks much better in person then in the picture. It exceeded my expectation. He loves it! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Glad that bought it Review by Eugene Nesterenko "eenest"
The shipping was very fast and price is reasonable. I'm using it now in my HP N40L microserver which is known to be very picky on the memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
You know when a retailer Cares - they are the ones who are not afraid to ask Review by J. Carvelli "retailforecaster"
Quickly...Its not the item I've rated!

I'm rating The merchant / retailer. The basics were right on, delivery was as promised, packaging was great. Okay so that is common. What is not...when a retailer sends you an email and asks for a review, give it to them. Someone took the time to say "hey did we do right by you?"
Leave the feedback, good bad or otherwise.

These guys did great... Komputerbay I'll be back even if I find myself paying extra,(not that I did) your follow up and service was great!

Be Amazing!
Joe Carvelli ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
great stuff Review by kevinh3866
It has doubled the speed of my pc instanty. If your pc is dragging upgrade your ram and make it do what you paid for. Most new systems have only the minimum memory required. Im thinking of adding more and ill definatley buy from you guys. Best price ive found for DDR3 ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great Memory for HP N40L Server Review by Amazon Customer
I had read somewhere that this memory would work in an HP N40L microserver. This was a little surprising since HP specs show a maximum capacity on this server of 8 GB of RAM, and this would push it to 16 GB. But, sure enough, it works great. I have used it with VMware ESXi 5.1, Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012...they all work just fine with this problems at all. Very pleased. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Great RAM! Review by C. Hamilton "Latsyrc728"
I purchased this RAM for my Husband for Christmas as an upgrade for his computer. He was previously running 2 sticks of 4GB DDR3. He was wanted to improve the speed for his gaming PC. This RAM arrived quickly and well packaged. When he opened it on Christmas he was so thrilled (He only asked for 2 more 4GB sticks and I surprised him with these 2 8GB sticks). He installed them right away with no issues. His computer is now running much faster and he hasn't been experiencing any lag or freezing in his games like he did before. I would recommend this brand. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
good Review by Rich
I got what I want to buy I'm very setisfied
works good I installed on my computer with no problem

I have a problem because u expect me to write 20 or more words
I write as many words as I wantI have nothing more to say ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Exceptional Review by Gregory M. Sawyer "The Red"
This memory has been stable and fast since receiving it several months ago. No issues with timing or faulty segments. No unexpected behavior. Will likely buy this for future budget builds. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
best buy Review by artstoyou
Great buy but I caution you that my asus m5990x motherboard required a bios upgrade by temporarily using other memory chips to make these work. I don't know if this will be the case for you but it has been the case with me twice using komputerbay memory chips. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Had a 'Fails Memtest' sticker on it Review by Kevin Carafa
Memory arrived with a big ole 'Fails Memtest' sticker on it - and guess what, It didn't work! I don't know how this was even sold. Obviously some kind of mistake, but a pretty big one. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Very Good DDR3 Memory Review by Levelt D. Williams
I have this memory sitting on a MSI 760GM-E51 MOBO with a AMD 8320 8 Core CPU and this system, with this memory, is so fast my head swims. My boot-up times are really quick. The web pages fly by as well. In fact, I'm going to buy another 16GB kit. The price was good as well. BUY, BUY!! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Awesome Memory Review by AndroidUser
Used by kids in their Minecraft server.
It gets hammered and never needs a reboot, always works fine.
No complaints, very happy with product and seller.
We would buy more, but all slots are full ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
didn't realize that I had to differentiate between 10600 and 10666 Review by HermB
Lesson learned. Make sure when you buy your memory that your motherboard supports it. Apparently my board accepts 10600 and not so much 10666. While 10666 worked, my board only recognized 12g out of the 16g that the memory is suppose to have. I also kept reading a message whenever I first boot up my computers that it wasn't compatible to my computer and would have boot failures. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with Komputerbay, I've used them in the past with great success, just make sure the memory you are using is completely compatible with your board. I've recently bought another set of memory by team elite that specifically said it was 10600 which worked right off the bat. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
High quality Review by Phillip Tate
Works very well. Very fast RAM and worth the price if you're looking for all that extra power. The staff at Komputer Bay are very helpful as well. Well packaged and arrived in a timely manner. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Worked in my gaming build Review by Eliott Cox
I bought this as a cheaper alternative in my gaming build for myself and my fiance` (16gb per pc) and they work just fine. I have had corsair vengeance and ballistic ram in my last builds but with this cheaper ram I honestly cannot tell a difference in performance. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Two Sets Failed Review by Richard M Youngs
Upon receipt and installation of this RAM within 2 months the computer would only boot if one stick was removed. Reutrned and new set issued with no problem. However, when installed boot up did nothing but blue screened. Don't want to try for third time being a charm, will order a different brand from now on. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Inconsistent results Review by T. Jensen
This didn't work in one of my computers, I got constant errors and crashes. I was going to return it but didn't have time so I purchased some corsair ram and that worked perfectly. I threw this into a different machine and it's worked perfectly for 6 months now.

Works: GIGABYTE AMD 970/SB950
Fails: ECS MCP61M-M3 ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Works flawlessly Review by MC
This memory and all the memory I've gotten of this brand has worked superbly, always fast and reliable. The only reason I removed this stuff is because I upgraded to a faster speed of Komputerbay RAM (when I bought this it wasn't the fastest memory compatible with my motherboard, and I didn't know that). I totally recommend this particular memory, and the Komputerbay brand overall. Their SD cards work great, too. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
The computer Tech's Perspective Review by Computer HQ
I got the this product at a risk knowing that it didnt have any reviews or anything. I tested out the ram and put it in the computer to make sure that it would work for my computer and it worked flawlessly. It was a great price and good quality as far as i can tell. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Komputer Bay Memory, Review by Nanook
I've ordered 32GB of memory in the form of 8GB Simms, once 1600Mhz, once 1333Mhz. Both went into servers using Asus motherboards P8Z68 Pro-V Gen3, and P8Z77 Pro-V respectively. Both used an Intel I7-2600 CPU.

Both arrived promptly, after being installed in the server, the memory was tested for 24 hours with memtest86, both passed with zero errors.

Using this memory, the servers have been absolutely stable, no unintended reboots, Oops's or other bad behavior.

Aesthetically, the 1600 Mhz had beautiful blue heat spreaders that matched the blue heat sinks on the Asus motherboard and went along with the blue LED lighting of the chipset and cooling fans. In short, it perfectly complimented the rest of the machine. It's a shame it's going to sit in a rack and not be seen.

The 1333 Mhz had no heat spreaders, not that either really needed them, the memory runs cool to the touch. But they didn't look nearly as nice. Still they performed perfectly, zero errors, and for a server that's what I need.

I wouldn't hesitate to order again from Komputer Bay. If you want to see it in action, go to, Komputer Bay memory is powering almost everything here now. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
It Works! Review by Paul Chen
I just got it today (11 May 2013). It works in my system. My system recognized the 16 (2X8) GB RAM in additional to my other 16 GB (2X8 ADATA brand) for a total of 32 DB.
Windows 8 even rated my overall RAM performance to 8.0 out of 10. I am satisfied. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Ivybridge, UEFI and Updates Review by Jeremy Jurrens
Never used this brand of RAM before, I ordered four sticks, it appeared three of the four sticks were bad and I was very unhappy. Not so fast though, troubleshooting found the current UEFI on my motherboard was not fully compatible with Ivybridge processors, an update later was still having memory test failures. Found the version of memory test I was using wasn't fully compatible with Ivybridge either. Downloaded and ran the latest, only one stick was failing at this point. If you're using the newest Intel processor make sure all your firmware and tests are up to date with this RAM. Reading other negative reviews most sound similar to what I first experienced, majority of the sticks appeared to be bad. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Work great Review by Erick
I upgraded my RAM and CPU to extend the life as my old setup was being maxed out. This has been installed for awhile and I have 16 GB Ram and no problems.

I do recommend this product if you think it will fit your needs. It does mine. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Cheap and worked perfect in my HP 8200 Elite CMT Review by Orionsnet
It was a breeze to install and I couldn't find a better price. Even offered Amazon Prime shipping!
It came well packaged and on time. My 64 bit Win 7 PC picked it up like a charm! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 12/06/2014)

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