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Komputerbay service Review by Robert Thompson
The product arrived on time and works well. Posting it to Cyprus was obviously not a problem as it is for some others!

Thank you ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works Great ! Review by Mykolas
Having no problems for half a month now since the purchase date.Shooting RAW with 5d Mark III, using a simple HAMA card reader (USB 2.0). ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works great, Review by Son Trinh
Price was good and since I wanted to do a magic lantern raw video it was required to use a 1000x+ write speed cf card. This one does the job. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Used for Raw Recording on 5D III, Review by John V
I Have used this card now for couple of months and it has performed great. No problems recording continuous 1080p @25fps ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Fast, reliable card Review by Ben
I bought this card for my Canon EOS 5D mkiii, to use with the Magic Lantern firmware - specifically RAW videos. Reading through the forums on the Magic Lantern site, it seemed like the 64gb card was faster than the 128gb and 32gb cards. It works perfectly for me, I've been recording loads of RAW videos without any problems at all. It's a great price, compared to the other more well-known brands (and from what I've read, it's the same chip inside anyway!). I'll definitely be getting more of these. Delivery was fast too. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
It's a great CF Review by Amazing Rabbit - Producao Audiovisual LDA.
It's a great CF, with a very good performance consireing the price.

To be honest, sometimes I get around 86MB/s writing speed on my 5DmkIII, sometimes, above 100MB/s, but works for me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
good product Review by Lippertokes
Bought it for shooting magic lantern raw video on 5d mark iii. Shot a short film with it, it worked well throughtout the day, but after 4 hours shooting, the card started skipping frames, and was I was unable to continue shooting with it, it was also warm to the touch, perhaps if I had let it cool down for 15 minutes it may have worked again, but luckily it was towards the end of the shoot, but it would comcern me for a longer shoot day. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Excellent - Top Notch Review by Dave Jay
Listen up folks, don't be afraid to use KOMPUTERBAY. Their CF card I bought is on a par with cards 3 times their price!
I was a little anxious not having heard of them, but I am glad I decided to buy from them.
The card came very quickly, well packaged and it works very well in my EOS 7D.
I HIGHLY reccommend KOMPUTERBAY ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Fast and solid Review by Gil Silva
Top card. Excellent price, very fast as announced. I bought two of them. I've no problems during my video and photo sessions ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great memory card for reasonable price Review by Y. Doza "father, teacher, reader"
Bought the card before holiday abroad. Use it to take thousand of photos - no worries at all. All the photos were safely transfered to the computer. Very happy with the memory card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
This is THE absolute cf card if you want to shoot high bit rate and high HQ video and RAW VIDEO Review by Demetris Christodoulides "DeC"
Of course, all dslr videographers, especially those with Full frame bodies and high-HQ high-BITRATE HD video professional and especially if you plan to shoot RAW VIDEO with Magic Lantern on a Canon dslr, this is THE only cf card that can support such a demanding task (on 5d mark III, 50d with magic lantern, 7d, etc etc). This is by far the fastest and most reliable cf card for dslr photo and hd video or for any other such camcorder and device that supports it. Provides peace of mind for the professional, it's reliable and utterly brilliant in all aspects. A bit expensive, but believe me, worths every penny, just make sure you purchase a kingston usb3.0 cf card reader if you have a laptop with usb3.0 support and port, in order to unload your data in your pc and re-format on-location, lightning-fast. Just be sure never to cut or delete videos/photos from the cf card directly in your pc, but format the card always in your camcorder/dslr instead. And don't use those cheapo usb2.0 ebay cf card readers 'cause they're killing this high quality card. Cheers ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great card Review by D. Gadd
Got this for recording raw video on a 5dIII using Magic lantern. It's good for 1920x1080@25fps (raw) so I'm plenty pleased with it. Reliability is good so far and I would recommend this if you are looking for fast sustainable write speed ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very Good Review by J. Kat
I read a lot of positive and less positive ratings before I decided te buy. Until now it works without any problem in my Canon 5DMK3. Read/write speed come close to what must be possible according to other users. No frame skipping with RAW video 1920x1080. So far so good! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
great value Review by Mr. Adam Thorp
haven't had these cards for long and have only used them a couple of times but so far they have been fantastic with both HD video shoots and RAW images from a 5d mkiii. And they are amazing value. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Komputerbay 128GB CF Card Review by brim
Amazing value for such a large CF card.
I have used them in the Canon 1D IV and the 1DX and have had no trouble shooting Raw .
Very reliable, no issues.
Simply packaging so not to much waste to throw away. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
great backup device Review by Steve
Great for shooting RAW with 5DM2, works flawlessly.

Solid performer and a real work horse, great as your primary card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Bought to record Ml raw to my 5D Mk3 Review by jafa
Pleased with this card , decent r/w speed , fast service , would purchase another , although I my give the higher spec one a try next ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very fast at a great price Review by T30
Great product, great price. Working on my 5D3 shooting raw with no glitches or hitches. fast delivery etc. The 64Gb version is the fastest ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very good, Review by GBGB CF
Used in camera and as backup disk with pcmcia adaptor.
Performs as expected.
Speed as expected.
No surprises.

Could use some utilities to make it bootable. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
A very good CF Review by Diego Galmarini
Price quality, this Compact Flash Memory is very good, I recommend it. It's fast and I have used it on my Canon 50D and it works great. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Perfect for 5D mark ii filming. Not professional burst photography Review by A. Clark
Despite the card being slower than stated, the card is still fast enough to film 1080@25p content on a canon 5D mark ii.

Since it is compact flash, you are limited to 4gb files which equate to about 12 minutes of footage inc sound. This totals to a nice 96 minutes of footage per card.

As for stills on a 5D mark ii, the card and camera is capable of capturing a quick burst of max 8 photos (RAW and high res jpeg) before the cards speed begins to show and starts taking photos at just under a photo a second. Just saving jpeg files sees only a small amount of slow down on the card.

All in all, fantastic card for what I want it for, it doesn't owe me anything. And I am sure it will last me some time, since it feels like a standard cf card (despite claims it feels cheap here). No errors, no problem with fitting in the camera. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Excellent value for money, Review by Steve B
I have only used my Komputerbay 32GB 600x card for one session at this time in my Canon 5D MkIII but as of now I have found it both reliable and capable of recording data without locking up my camera however fast I take pictures. I think that it is the cheapest compact flash card in its class.

I have since bought a Komputerbay 32GB 1000x card as an experiment. It is not only much faster than the 600x (there are no problems with the buffer even when it seems like you are pressing the shutter release very fast in 12 to 20 picture sessions) and its only about half the cost of a Lexar 1000x ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
good value card, Review by Discerning
acree with farmer john very happy with card and would give it a positive evaluation for a reasonably priced card good buy ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Komputer Bay 16GB CF card Review by farmer_john1
Purchased this card for my Canon Rebel. Very happy with it so far. Would recommend it to anybody looking for a reasonably priced card.:-) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Super bit of gear from a company I had never heard of. Review by Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen (real name)
Got this to replace the hard drive in an iPod and it works a treat. Having used a fair few of these with a Nikon camera I can say with confidence that this is as good as any I have owned to date. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
KOMPUTERBAY 64GB 5D MARKiii Review by regan
In my opinion It's well worth the gamble. I bought the 64GB card for my 5D Mark iii and I've noticed that the card is FAST. I have heard complaints about the speed of these cards but from my own experience and what I've read about these cards, the 64GB is the fastest.
I have had no issues with corruption of data. I only ever format my cards in camera and only use the latest 3.0 usb card readers. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Using with Canon 7d and Magic Lantern Review by Mike Truman
Bought this to use with a Canon 7d and Magic Lantern and not disappointed.
Can recommend this product without reserve ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Superfast Review by Rodney Lewis
Bought this card because I want to shoot raw video on my Canon 5D MK3. Haven't got round to testing the raw but used the card on a number of long shoots and I never had any problems. Save yourself money rather than buying Lexar or Sandisk. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Card worked with raw video for me Review by DAVID G
Card worked with raw video for me using a Canon 5Diii. Seemed fast enough. Not sure how long it'll last but fingers crossed it's ok ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Happy Customer Review by P Dore
I bought this to be used on my 5D Mark III shooting Raw video with Magic Lantern. I get writing speeds up to 97MB/s which is more than adequate for shooting 1080p 24fps.

I intend to purchase more in the future. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
I've got 4 - all absolutely fine Review by S. Daniels "Codders"
I've got 4 - all absolutely fine ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
64gb card-these cards rock! Review by W.V. "Big Fan of Amazon"
Purchased two 64gb cards. Used both cards multiple times in professional Canon equipment. They performed flawlessly. Given the early results I have had -I would buy them again at this price! Fast shipment - low price -range dependable and fast cards. How do you argue with that! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
I have taken several thousand pictures on this card with my Canon 7D and have not had one problem yet! Good value for the money and size of the card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Exactly what I hoped it would be Review by FloridaGreg
I was on the lookout for an affordable UDMA large capacity CF Card. I haven't heard of this brand before but decided to take the chance knowing I could return the item if it wasn't as described. I'm very happy with the product and it performs flawlessly. Used it with the new Canon 1Dx and happy with the performance. I recommend the product. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Bought this card so I could update my Canon 7D firmware. Had no problems accomplishing that. Have not used the camera for more than my standard use yet but my plan is to be able to use RAW format in my camera more often than I did with my much smaller car Review by Janet H. Monette
Great CF Card for the money and for what I need ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
(64GB )Fast card - Great for raw video Review by Ali Holloway
I now have two of these cards (64GB) and was prompted to purchase them after Magic Lantern unleashed the raw video capabilities of the Canon 5D MKIII.

What is important is that both cards I have received have worked with no issues from day one and continue to perform flawlessly. After a little research into these cards it appears that one of my cards has the slower SM2236AB controller, however this card will still give sustained write speeds of around 94MB/s which is enough to write continuous 1080p raw @ 25fps with the ML firmware.

The cards fit perfectly into all CF card slots I've used in camera and on card readers. They format as you'd expect any drive to (exFAT formatting for the 5D MKIII is great). The read an write speeds, although never as good as suppliers state, are fast enough to satisfy the most demanding shoots. In both photo and video modes these cards have never let me down. I have not lost any data on these cards as of this time and have been shooting with them every day since I purchased them.

I would advise 64GB to be the perfect size for raw video as they are faster than the 32GB and 128GB cards and offer enough storage for most work - I wouldn't recommend shooting raw in a docu environment as you'll chew through data in no time. That's a no brainer!

To confirm, both my cards will shoot continuous 1080p @ 23.976p, 24p, 25p raw video without breaking a sweat. I can also get 25p from the 3x crop too most of the time, but this result changes with each build. Bear in mind that depending which ML hack (at this stage - things change everyday with ML) you use can determine whether or not you need to "warm up" the card/camera by running off a quick video with skipped frames. I'd suggest reading the ML forum regarding this, but as of the latest (27th June) build I don't have to warm up the card/camera.

I'd recommend these cards to anyone that needs a fast card, wants to save themself a whole chunk of cash and wants to dabble in ML raw video. They do everything I want them to.

Edit: My faster card (SM2236AC) allows me to shoot 1920x1280 at 24p continuous almost every time and when I select 25p the firmware states I have about 2000 frames (however I have recorded past this and not had any skipped frames). ML firmware states the card is writing around 100MB/s at this resolution and frame rate. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
A pleasant surprise Review by Albuqshutterbug
I was a little leary about ordering this card since I had not heard of Komputerbay products.
Shipping and communication was quick but thanks to the US postal service a bit delayed.
The card is well built and has a nice response time.
Time will tell but it seems to be comparable to Sandisk in speed and quality with no lost data.
Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable price.
Update: December 2012 just about 3 months old.
I have to report that the card has failed.
It started off as not reading in the cold but worked if I warmed it in my hands for a few minutes but now it will not read.
I guess I will see what kind of warranty this card has and report back.
I emailed the company and received and almost immediate response with RMA information. Return was hassle free and the new card is working as it should. Nice rapid response and stood behind the product.
Update 8/12/2013
The card is still working well and I have had no further issues with this card.
March 2014 and the card is still working as it did when it was replaced. I have had no further issues with it.
It works well in my Canon 7D and has no issues with video as others have reported.
I am pleased with this purchase and may purchase another soon since cards don't last forever the way I use them.
I average 200 photos per session and shoot many times a week. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great Addition For My Camera Review by Sonja Reid
It's nice to have a card that allows me to take a large number of pictures. Product was delivered as advertised and is performing as advertised. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
What a great product!! Review by Brian E Winger
I shoot fast burst photography with my Canon Mark II regularly and this card works excellent for this activity. Great performance, great value ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
CF card for a camera Review by G. E. Jones "g. jones
I'm using this for a Canon 5D Mark III and probably should have a 128 G card because the movie feature can eat memory space quickly. I have been using a 32G in a 5D (Mk I) and just shooting stills with that, haven't come close to filling the card even on light O'clock to dark O'clock shoots. This card seems fast enough for most shooting (4-6 Meg files each) and haven't really pushed it yet on the big files the Mark III can produce. The main reason I didn't give the card 5 stars is simply because I can't get really amorous about a memory chip. I have not had any problems with it so far. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Very satisfied Review by Scott E. Rickert "scottyrick"
I have now purchased several CF cards from this company. Everyone has worked perfectly. I have stored literally hundreds of photos on these cards while doing a shoot, and have never lost a photo, or had to wait long for the next shot.

I used to buy other well-known brands of CF cards, but now I only buy KomputerBay. They are by far the best value. You will not be disappointed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
KOMPUTERBAY 64GB Professional COMPACT Review by MiloJones
Product received as scheduled in excellent condition. The Flash Card works excellent in a Photo IPod. There are no compatibility issues and its speed is fantastic. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Nick Review by Nick
Excellent and working great on my canon 7d digital camera. I highly recommend this item if you really need some media storage. I give a 10 plus for this CF card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Performs great Review by Aaron Luke
This card has performed great for me. Has worked flawlessly in my Canon 5D Mark II. Both write and read speeds have been plenty fast for normal shooting of stills, even in burst (Large JPEG). Shot a couple minutes of full HD video, too, with no problems. Overall, very happy with this card, especially given the price. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works like it should Review by Amber D. Loewy "Amber"
This CF card works great. Love the high capacity. Allows for more than 2 hours of filming on my camera. Awesome. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great Product and Great Cost Review by Kenneth J. Smith
the product worked great. it was as fast as some of the other brand name products at half the cost. as usual the shipping was fast and damage free. i have reccomended this product to others looking for a great value. i would buy this product again if the need arises. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
excellent CF Memory card Review by bwinger63
Purchased a 64GB 600X CF memory card for my Canon 5D MK II camera. Memory card was compatible with my camera directly out of the box. No additional formatting necessary!! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great card. Review by kimsahey
I admit I took a chance on the card but I've been extremely pleased with it. No problems whatsoever and it's just as advertised. I've used it for both photographing and videographing weddings. Every videographer needs a couple of these in their pocket. It gives me 60 useable gb. It processes and uploads quickly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Worked well as described Review by caracj1
We've been using this in a Canon camera, no problems so far. It seems to be fast and have plenty of storage as advertised. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
I'll take a few more, please! Review by David M. Moore
This card has worked great in my 7D. I primarily shoot high school gymnastics, and its not unusual for me to take 3500 shots during a two-hour meet. After 30-some days of use and almost 30,000 photos, this card has worked flawlessly. When shooting in continuous mode at 8 frames a second, I can easily shoot 20 seconds and 160-170 full-res (18mp) jpeg shots before the 7D even starts to slow down. I've only shot a couple of short HD videos with this card and the 7D, but had no problems there either. Using a couple of apps to check, I'm getting a consistent 55MB/s write speed. I don't remember the read speed, because quite frankly I really don't care about that. Write speed is everything for me. No, its not a Toshiba Exceria, but it also didn't cost what an Exceria card does. I'll be buying a few more of these cards ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
No difference Review by Jacob Fortuna
I have seen zero difference in the speed and/or quality of images taken with these cards. Love the price and very happy with results of my photos. Using 5d Mark II and Canon 7d with 2 of these 64 GB cards. These cards will also make longer videos possible though I have not tried them yet for Video ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Thank you, Review by Khao Toum
Everything came in a good and was on time as dated, product works excellent. Hopping was good everything is great ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Good CF card so far Review by Jazz5657
So far this card has done what it is suppose to do. I am happy with the price and the card works great in my Canon 5D II. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
recommended it to my friend Review by Arturo
I recommended it to my friends, it is very fast was what I expected for my camera

I'm thinking in buying another look next, I hope

thanks ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works fine. Inexpensive. Review by R. Wheeler "Old Gamer
I bought this 64GB card and the 32GB version about 11 months ago. Also bought another off brand 32 GB and a Transend 400X 32GB. After 45,000 pics I am not having problems with them. In fact the only problems I have had with any of them is filling them all one weekend. I haven't actually measured speed, but it is faster than the Transend 400x as it should be. I liked this one so much I just bought 2 more. The 2 new ones have been used once each and worked fine.

Speeds uploading to my PC from a USB 2.0 card reader were kind of slow. My new PC has a USB 3.0 card reader and it is much faster just like it is supposed to be. Some of the reviews complaining of slow speed don't specify what they were uploading to. That does make a difference.

My camera is a Canon 5D mark III.

I would say I will buy again, but I don't expect to have a need to. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great!, Review by Luke
Works great I use a canon 7d and don't have any problems with it, I use it at every event I do it's amazing ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
I'm very satisfied!, Review by Travis33
I'm a professional photographer and hate to fill up my cards while covering weddings to car shows. I've used this card for nearly a month now and have only filled it once. It's awesome! The reading & writing speeds are comparable to the leading competitors. I'm going to end up buying another soon. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great price, great performance Review by Fernando A Boza
This is the third card if this type and brand and have had great results. Great price, and cards have been delivered promptly. Highly recommended ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Great buy for the price Review by Maxim Kuzmin
I'm not a long run user of this flash so I can't say for its reliability in the long term use. But first experience shows it as good buy.
Flash was bought to work with Canon 5D Mark III. Mostly for photo and maybe video.
I ran some tests with flash and it showed quite good performance. Flash was connected via USB 3.0 card reader.
Read speed is about 80 MB/s (650 Mb/s, 533X).
Write speed is about 62 MB/s (500 Mb/s, 410X).
So it's no as declared 90MB/s but: 1) speeds may be degraded by my card reader
2) write speed is quite enough for most situations it was bought for
For compare Silicon Power 32GB 400X flash performed: read - 68 MB/s (540 Mb/s, 453x), write - 43 MB/s (340 Mb/s, 287X).
Sorry I didn't have 600X CF card from one of the best known on the market. But as we see KomputerBay 600x card performed better than standard 400X card which means read at 400X speed write at slower speed.
And here goes main advantage which is price. As you can see price for 64 GB 400x CF card of any wellknown brand is x1.5-2 times higher. So if long term use show that KB CF cards are reliable.. will surely buy their products. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Fast Memory chip Review by MrWizard
Great for intended purpose. The unfortunate part was I tried to use it for a non-removable hard drive. Doesn't work- not because the device is faulty but how it is seen by the OS. My blunder. Otherwise, works great and is fast. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
As Advertised Review by J. Nieves
High speed cf card at a much cheaper price than "name-brand" cards. Works great in my Canon 5D Mark III ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works great. Shot around 2000 images so far Review by Curt "Z man"
Used this as my primary card for a wedding. I shot in raw with a 23 mp dslr. There was plenty of space left in the card. I don't think you could fill up this card on a day of shooting. It's perfect for a larger megapixel dslr. It is overkill for my 12 mp dslr though.

I saved a lot of money buying the komputerbay card. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more cards from them. I'm confident that this will be my go to compact flash card company. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Excellent Product Review by Chris
High quality CF card. Easily handles my Canon 7D 8 fps still shot rate. I recommend this product and seller. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Excellent product Review by Bobbeanbags
This CF card works flawlessly and is fast and inexpensive. I plugged it in to my Canon 50D with the magic lantern firmware and voila ... I was recording video with a camera that was never designed to record video. ML and the Komputerbay card are perfect with the 50d. Highly recommended! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Komputerbay 64gb cf - Z in Texas Review by John in Texas
I purchased the 64gb CF card because of my satisfaction with their 32gb CF card. Have used them both in Canon 50D & 7D. Card has no problem keeping up in the high speed shutter mode on either camera or with video on the 7D. Quality card - excellent value. Will purchase again. Keep bringing these great products to Amazon. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)
Works great in iPod mini, Review by Casey Friday
The price can't be beat, and the transfer speed is even a bit faster than the original micro drive in the iPod mini 2G I installed this in. Although other cards might have faster transfer speeds, I doubt USB 2.0 would be able to reach the speeds. I'll be trying one of these (likely the 128GB variant) in an iPod 3G soon, as well as an iPod mini. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 17/06/2014)

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