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Komputerbay 64GB Professional Compact Flash card 1066X CF write 155MB/s read 160MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 7 RAW


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Customer Reviews

There's no saving delay any more Review by mareinke
I use this CF card for my 5D Mark II, it's much more faster than my old 30MB/s SAN DISK. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Perfect! Review by Khachik
It's a really good card for anyone who's looking to get started with the latest Magic Lantern development RAW hack. I would say its a perfect card for a starter and for just back up. For anyone who wants to test ML RAW hack, but not sure about investing in bigger capacity cards. The price is great and speeds are even better. I can easily record 1920x1280 at 24fps continuously with out any drop frames. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great Price and Rock solid performance Review by Photoshooter "Loderunner"
I have used the 64GB KB 1000x card for several months, I shoot stills and only in raw mode. My primary camera is a Canon 1DX (18mpx / 12fps) that holds 2 CF cards, my backup is the 1D Mark IV (10mpx /10fps). that holds 1 CF and 1SD cards. The KB 64GB 1000x card to date has performed flawlessly - thousand of shots with this card, no missed shots.

I purchased the KB 32GB 1000x and like the KB 64GB 1000x, I have not experienced any issues - no missed shots etc:

Well worth the $$$ ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Very fast an inexpensive 32GB compact flash card, Review by Carlos A Amesquita
I was very aprehensive about the card when I ordered but after using it for more than two weeks I can say that this card performs as advertised, very fast and 32gb of space for both video or photo. Downloading photos it's also very fast. Great product. I strongly reccommende it.


Carlos ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works Perfectly Review by Login
I have two Canon 5D and goes perfectly. I've shot a bunch of photos with them. I recommend them. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Renew or die Review by Julio Perez
Highly recommended even for what we want to work with CF and renew. Fits perfectly to the camera smoothly. Insert your SD card and take pictures. Highly recommended ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Quick and economical Review by Eudald Sol
It is a fast and economic tatrgeta 1000x, which serves me for my eos 7d and Magic Lantern. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
I do not recommend this brand at all, I had to make a wedding and I run out I and customers photographs, error in the camera and the computer. Reset time and money. Review by carla
I do not recommend this brand at all, I had to make a wedding and I run out I and customers photographs, error in the camera and the computer. Reset time and money. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works Great, no issues Review by photoguy
Works Great, no issues. Used them for Weddings and other Events. They work flawlessly. Very fast with no buffering time. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works like a charm! Review by Charlie K
Shooting with both Canon 5D Mk III and Canon 5D Mk I.
Another writer mentioned that these cards were identical to those offered by Lexar -- maybe Lexar seconds.
I'm using them for stills primarily, not video -- (though I had no problem using one for video). These cards are superb.
Just shot a wedding with my partner and the cards performed flawlessly. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great for Canon + Magic Lantern Review by DanH
Bought a couple of these to be able to record RAW video on 5D Mark III using
Magic Lantern. It does the trick. I tried the Lexar 1000x cards and they failed twice at critical times, these Koputerbay cards are my go to's. Looking forward to faster cards! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
FAST CARD! Review by shisk
This is my first CF card ever.
I specifically bought it to try out ML Raw video on the 5D Mk III.
The card is very fast averaging 98mbps (write speed) which allows me to record continuos 1080p RAW video on the Mk III.
NO frame skipping. Will definitely buy again!. Recommended! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Speed Demon Review by RidgeRunner
Took the 5D Mk III to the beach today and was plesantly suprized to crank off 28 frames in RAW without slowing down. I did not check to see how many it would do. But really, 28 should be enough at 8+ frames a second. This card is fast. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Perfect so far!, Review by BPR
We shot a short film using these cards, and they have performed and held up just as well as any other. Great for use on canon cameras with ML RAW. The write and read speed is a little under what they say it is, but they can't be beat for the price. A wonderful alternative for those looking to save a little money. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
A cheap but fast and reliable card for photos etc Review by Coldspring
I have been using this card for a couple of months. This card performs really well in my Canon 5D III. I use it mainly for photos and very occasionally compressed videos. The 32GB size can hold over 1,000 raw files from my 5DIII. What really impresses me is the the speed. I could fire about 70 continuous shots in high speed mode (6 frame/s of 22MP full size raw files) before it slows down. In comparison, my SDHC card can only handle 15 high speed shots (which is mostly due to the camera buffer). I haven't done any benchmark testing of the speed, but 70 shots at 6 fps is more than enough for me. I wanted a fast card but didn't want to pay too much for cards from more well-known brands, as I don't make a living with my photography. This card hasn't disappointed me.

I have heard of people having trouble with this (or the 64GB version) card after formatting it, primarily in order to hold single huge-size raw video. So I tried to avoid formatting it, either in camera or with a card reader. Deleting the contents with a computer or erasing in camera works really well for me so far. The card has been rock solid so far, and I expect it to last for years.

Considering the price and the performance of this card, I would highly recommend it to anyone. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
great for Magic Lantern RAW on 5d MkIII, Review by Chris M. Herrick
worked great for ML RAW recording on 5d mk III. The quality of the footage is well worth the purchase of this card and the increased filesize. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great card Review by LK
Purchased this card for a month long vacation in Europe. Worked flawlessly in my Canon 7D. Definitely recommend that you try this card out. Great product at an great price. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works great Review by John Mangino
I have put this thing through the wringer. Constantly updating the Magic Lantern nightly builds and shooting RAW on the 5D mkII. It has worked like a trooper. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works well Review by venicerocco
I bought this to shoot RAW video on a hacked Canon 50D and it works well. No problems. Solid, didn't die on me. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Generally indistinguishable from the Lexar 32GB 1000x Review by C. Avedissian
I have both the Lexar Professional 32GB 1000x and this product for use with my Nikon D800. I've not noticed any difference between the two, even when doing continuous shooting. I've not tested out the speeds on a PC yet, for a more objective comparison, but I'll update the review when I do. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great for Canon 5D Mark 2 ML raw Review by Denis Suarez
I bought this card to test the new Magic Lantern Raw capability, with the Canon 5D Mark 2. Following some reviews, I decided to test it right away on a pro shoot the same day it arrived.

I shot on 720p and had continous shots, no dropped frames. some 30 minutes of footage. I tested on higher resolutions and saw that both cards i bought, maxed out at 70/75mbs. which is great for my needs, but might not be great for everyone considering Mark 3 needs 90+ mbs for some of the higher resolutions.

As a result, i'm planing on getting some more cards from this brand. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Incredibly fast download Review by Maggie's Mom "Maggie"
I've noticed a substantial difference in the download speed with this card. I have two cameras and the other card is so much slower. Just a treat to speed through the downloads with this one. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Very Fast Review by DWS "DWS"
The first thing I did was test to for speed and errors.
It's very fast with zero errors.
Write Speed average: 68 MB/sec
Read Speed consistent at 107 MB/sec
Note: Must use USB3 connection for accurate results. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works great Review by Amazon Customer "Factor Jota"
I use this CF card on a Canon 5D Mark III and so far haven't had any issues with it. Works great on taking pictures and downloading to my computer. That's what I bought it for and that's what it does. Haven't tested with video, since I don't use the camera to shoot video.
I was using a SD card before, but haven't made any speed comparisons. I'm now using an Eye-Fi SD card where I save low res JPG's to transfer to my phone while shooting (instant Instagram) and raw files go to the CF card.

In a nutshell: CF card works great, it's realiable and cheaper than the competition. Recommend.

PS: If I happen to do some speed tests, I'll update the review. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Best Kept Secret Review by Nekron99
I've heard only good things about Komputerbay so I decided to check these guys out and couldn't be happier. It lived up to its billing and is able to handle RAW video shooting on my Canon 5D III. I've seen their customer support reach out to the DSLR community on various forums. These guys care about their customers. Hopefully, they keep pushing the envelope and thumbing their noses at the more expensive competition. Great value. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great buy, biggest bang for the buck Review by Ken Martini
I bought this card to use in a Canon 5D DSLR for video. It works just fine. I was told by an professional cameraman that this card is actually a much more expensive cards that did no make the grade and are factory rejects that work perfectly. I have checked around the user boards and that check out. They are now selling this card at New Egg and other reputable dealers. I would not hesitate to buy another if I needed more memory. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Working well Review by bdering
So far this memory is working well for me. I have this one and a 16Gb card that I have been using extensively. The card is fast and so far, they have both been working as expected. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works Review by SK
Bought for recording RAW video (Magic Lantern) on my 7D. Works great. Amazing how much faster it can shoot/store still than my old 166x transcend card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
What's in a name Review by Randy Davison
As good as any brand I have tried. Super value! Save your money and buy this one. Or better still, buy 2 for the price of one of the others!
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Perfect technical support! Review by Andrei
I bought 2 of these cards for RAW video on my 5D. One works perfectly, the speed is amazing. I tested the second one only after 5 weeks. It had a defect, it didn't work with my 5D III. I got really upset because 30 days passed, but it turned out that Komputerbay offers lifetime warranty! Got it replaced very quickly! Will definitely buy again ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Komputerbay compact flash. 32 GB Review by Barbara Belkin
Excellent product at a very good price compared with better known brands.. Took more than 500 photos on recent trip. Very pleased with the results. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Fast and cheap Review by Frederico F. Muller "fred m."
Great for the price.
Amazing read speed. Impressive write speed as well.
Very reliable so far. Need to use it a bit more to recommend. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Worded with Magic Lantern and 5D Mark II Review by aroundlsu
I was able to record raw video with this up to the 4gb file size limit (about a minute of raw video) as long as all the on screen graphics were turned off. I also had to turn off all the native Canon on screen displays except for the very minimal bottom display that shows f stop and shutter, etc. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great product, excellent seller! Review by nexuspeer "free lancer"
I am very happy with this item - KOMPUTERBAY 32GB Professional COMPACT FLASH CARD CF 1000X 150MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 7 RAW 32 GB.
It arrived super fast and was packed well.
Thanks! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Fine card Review by John Barry
I was concerned about ordering a Computer Bay product as all my previous cards have been SanDisk Extreme. The only two problems I've had with the SanDisk are that they feel slow to load and that they are relatively expensive. I say relatively because the speed is relative to photo handing once it is loaded onto the computer. In any event, when I was looking for a larger card (my wife took 5 cards on holiday and was put out one day because the card she had with her was full) and decided to try Computer Bay. I haven't benchmarked the card but am pleased with the speed of the reading. I can't give all the credit to the card because at the same time I added a USB 3.0 card and 3.0 reader to my system, so over all improvements cannot just be attributed to the card. So far the card has preformed as expected. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Good buy Review by acmecoyote2002
Needed a new card. great speed for motion shots. using sony a100 older camera but works will with the card ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Its fast and works Review by M. Acosta "smart me"
I got this thinking it wont work with my nikon D800, but I just pop it in and works. really fast transfer with the right card reader and USB3 ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Really good cards Review by Renwick
Great card No issues so far. Plan on buying more soon in the near future. Thanks guys for affordable cards ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Fast and Reliable 32GB UDMA7 Card Review by Photo Maven
It seemed to me to be worth the risk to try this card. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and reliability I found with it. Shooting with a Canon 5D3 in single card mode at full resolution RAW, this card easily kept up with my fast shooting assignment (Rodeo), missing absolutely nothing. I really shot bursts of up to 30 shots without any noticeable degradation in performance or any annoying lag. In fact, no lag at all. I will be buying another and hope that it performs just as well.

I've now put about 10, 000 images on this card and have experienced absolutely no problems. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Raw awesomeness! Review by Guilherme Martins
Despite the awkward reviews, not knowing the brand, and general lack of trust this
KB 1000x 32gb CF card performs admirably.

I bought it with intention of using for raw video on my 5D MKII. The fastest card I owned was a sandisk extreme 60 Mb/S and it already allowed me pretty good frame sizes. This KB card however allows me to shoot raw with almost no crop, squeezing more than 70Mb/S out of the 5D2 write buffers.

Other useful piece of information is that this 32gb model is probably the fastest amongst KB cards according to ML forum users.

Great card, I don't know if it will last long but it sure accomplishes what it promises. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Work with Nikon D800, Review by KS "KS"
I bought this CF card for 50D with Magic Lantern. Now I am using it with Nikon D800. No problem. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
This card is unbelievably fast Review by mark Fox
I use it in my Canon 5D Mark III and was able to take 20+ consecutive shots before if slowed only briefly to buffer. The price is fantastic. It's on par with any card on the market at a fraction of the price of a lot of the brand names. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
1 month in, so far, so good, Review by Glory Benacka "Glory Benacka"
I am a documentary filmmaker and professional freelance photographer. I need a lot of memory to store video footage and RAW image files, but don't have the budget to go with a name brand. After reading the reviews, I bought 3, just in case there was a malfunction, I'd have a back up. I have been using the 3 cards quite seriously in winter outdoor weather conditions (so far) shooting on a 5diii both RAW and large video and the cards have performed beyond my expectations. I have had no problems or malfunctions and have filled all three up several times over during a month of video and photography work. There seemed to be a reoccurring problem in the comments with formatting, I have an older Delkin Devices card reader, which I have used for all photo/video transfers, and have had no problems with the Komputer Bay flashcards. I always reformat my cards in camera as well-and have had no malfunctions there either. I think many people reformat cards in their card reader, which can cause problems in general. Great value for me so far, I will probably purchase more of these cards in the future, I would like to push their longevity, but I'm already hopeful that this is a great deal and seems to be a great product! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Compact Flash Card Review by Steve
I have used the card a few times over and over again. the quality of the pictures stay the same and I haven't had any issues with the card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
It worked fine Review by Alex Hawthorne
Used it to record high bitrate video just fine. If the card is defective komputer bay will send you a new one. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great Price Great Quality Review by Normal Joe
So far this fast CF Card has worked with no problems and all of my images have been stored properly. This is a great way to get a fast card for a fair price. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
This Card Works Very Well! Review by Mariner
This Card Works as it was advertised. The price was great. No need to may more without a good reason. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great Value & Fast Review by Kevin Atkins
I hesitantly bought the Komputerbay card due to some of the reviews regarding defects but was pleasantly surprised by its speed and reliability. When the reasonable price is factored in, it is an outstanding card. I will be buying Komputerbay cards in the future. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great CF card for the money! Review by Randy Richman
Best large capacity CF card for the money. Movies work great with my 5D. No buffering and fast download speed ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Good Deal Review by Linda
I bought 2 of them and they have both held up so far. I hear the 1000x can work with RAW video but have not tried myself. I shot only video on a mark iii so far. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
2nd time's the charm Review by Jochen D.
The first card arrived defective. The second works as advertised. Removing a star for the inconvenience of the RMA process ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Totally awesome. helped me shoot raw on my 7D Review by Kerrick Martin
Well, frankly, from what i've read on the ML forums, these cards are not very reliable. I got lucky with this one, and it has a very fast write speed. For the price compared to others, and the excellent return policy, I highly recommend that you purchase this card before any other. And heck, if its defunct, return it and get a new one! Rinse and repeat until it works. thanks komputerbay! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
So far, no probs Review by Wayne Lee
So far, so good. It has not crashed on me. Shooting AI servo and it keeps up. Worth the money. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
CF card for a Canon 5D Mark iii - 170 Pictures in 30 seconds, No buffering Review by Michael
I purchased this Oct 3, 2013 for my Canon 5D Mark iii and received it in 2 days. I purchased this card only because my SanDisk 32GB CF card gave up on me resulting in a loss of 3 hours of shooting. I wasn't able to benchmark this on my computer due to the lack of a CF card reader on this trip, but I was more concerned about performance while taking pictures.

Using the Canon 24-105mm lens and a half-charged OEM battery, I held the shutter button down while focused on my iPads timer to see how many seconds it would last without "buffering" and was able to take 170 pictures in 30 seconds and decided to give up since I didn't hear or notice any performance change in "buffering" - In other words, it didn't buffer after 170 pictures in 30 seconds so I decided there was no need to continue. You can judge the "buffering" performance yourself as it can be measured in other ways with different camera settings. I may retest when I have the time.

During my 6 weeks of ownership, I have taken 9,812 pictures on this card with zero loss or transfer problems. It has been through TSA's X-Ray machines 15 times with no ill effects.

I guess you also can't go wrong given the Lifetime warranty... err, unless you lose pictures like my $150 SanDisk CF card did..... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
KomputerBay CF card Review by Paolo Mugnaini
I really liked the card!

So far no issues at all!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It compares to other major brands. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Slightly faster than San Disk Extreme at much lower price Review by Hiroyuki Ikezi
I purchased both this 32 GB card ( $43 ) and San Disk Extreme 16 GB ( $59 ), both rated UDMA 7. This card write a little faster than San Disk Extreme. On Canon 1DX burst mode, this card needs 7 sec. to write 34 pictures of 25 MB. San Disk Extreme needs 8.5 sec. During about a month of trip, I took 200 - 300 pictures a day, I have had no trouble so far. If this card will not make any trouble for another month, then I will buy more of this for my other cameras.

After I wrote this review, the price was raised to $60 in a month. Still it costs less than San Disk Extreme. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Very pleased with KomputerBay CF cards Review by L. Turner "Goll Lee"
I have had nothing but good luck with KomputerBay CF cards, this one is no exception. Rarely did I have an issue with it getting backed up, and the few times there was a slight delay I am sure it was my camera not the card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
There is NO reason to buy a Lexar with almost double the price while this product works just as well, Review by Ahmad
Works very well. I have been using it for a month, and I had no issues. It is much cheaper than Lexar and claimed to have the very exact components; it's just a different company with different name. There have been failing, but you could always replace it as is has a lifetime guarantee. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Wow!!! Just Wow!!! Works great!!! Review by ety
I'm so glad I didn't buy one of those expensive ones. I'm a professional photographer and this is by far equal to any pro grade compact flash I have ever bought for a lot less money! Thumbs up!!! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
It works! :-P Review by David Dunn
First off, I got this because I wanted to shoot RAW video with Magic Lantern on my Canon 50d - and it works wonderfully, but only after I bought a UMDA 7 Card Reader (Lexar sells one).

There is a label on the back that warned me of using a non-UMDA 7 card reader...and after ignoring it for a week...I realized that it was the source of my problems (ML wouldn't load, transfer rate was painfully, agonizingly slow).

If you just need to take pictures, and video is not your thing, this card works just fine with whatever card reader you have. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great for Magic Lantern Review by Mark Eslahi
1920x1080 @ 30fps with audio recorded in .MLV (DNG works too...) with 0 dropped frames!!!

This card has worked beautifully, dunno how reliable it will prove to be though, this is the first Komputerbay product I've ever used, somewhere online I read they're actually the same as the Lexars, just with a different name... Who knows really. I am not using this card for any professional work as I fear what'll happen if it dies while on a shoot, Still I would probably buy 2-3 if you're planning on using them for Magic Lantern, the price was right and they work well.

Overall after using it for 2 weeks now, I'd buy them again. Just hoping it doesn't fail... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
HIgh write speed, high read speed, low cost. Review by Vance Lear
I use these KomputerBay 1000x CF cards to shoot 14 bit RAW video and so far this one (32 GB) has performed well.with a consistent 98.5 MB write speed and it easily keeps up with the fastest camera I have. Shooting stills, I get the maximum image throughput and it lasts about as with a fresh charge. It also reports correctly to the camera the battery state. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great for 5D3 Magic Lantern Review by DanKap
I bought this to try out with my Canon 5D markIII for use with Magic Lantern's RAW video, which requires a 1000x card. Here are the Pros and Cons

Cheap (approx half the price of the equivalent SanDisk or Lexar cards)
Works Beautifully (I've have zero issues with these in any use case, including ML RAW on a 5D3)


Just get this card. I have 2 in 32gb and a 64gb that I use on set with zero hesitation. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works Good For me Review by Adot
Got this to shoot raw on my canon 5d mark iii. ran bench mark test on the cards and passed with no problem. did some record while around town and have tested for a few projects and still working strong :) ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
5d mkii ML Users A Must Have Card Review by Cedric Jenkins
This card is the best for Magic Lantern RAW users. The price is unbelievable. You won't go wrong. Get as many as you can. I am. Happy Filming (Posted on 28/07/2014)
So far, so good! Review by Jordan Kempson
I have had no hiccups in my write and read speeds with my Nikon D800. This card handles the large files extremely well, and when paired with a USB3 card reader transfer speeds are gorgeous. I only wish they would make a 16GB version. I will definitely be making these my new go to CF card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Komputerbay professional 32 GB 1000 time compact flash, Review by William R. Valentine
This 32 GB card has a super fast write speed. I take photos in Raw most of the time and this cards writing speed keeps up with the shutter of my Olympus E-3 up to about 60 photographs continuous burst before it begins to slow down a little. It's great for nature Photography, and, it's faster than the Transcend 16 GB 1000 times card in my camera. I'm certainly not disappointed. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Amazing speed!, Review by Reaser
These cards are worth every penny they cost.
I bought one for filming 1080p video on my Canon 5D Mark III. I was having problems with my older cards lagging behind, and filling up the camera buffer. These cards have just blown me away with their speed! i have never dealt with buffer problems with them. Now I don't even like shooting still shots on anything else. Photo bursts are no problem for these cards, you can just shoot shoot shoot, and never experience any lag.

It is worth noting that UDMA7 is a newer technology, and you need a CF card reader than supports UDMA7. I simply use the sync chord that came with my 5D3, and just read them straight out of the camera.

I have read some people report that they have dealt with easy corruption. I have not experienced this.

Good buy. Will be buying more in the future. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works well. Not a single complaint Review by assdf
I have been very happy with my purchase. Everything has worked very well. I haven't had an opportunity to benchmark the speed, but it seems well. I am using this as boot media for a storage server on my SAN. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works very well Review by Michael Knight
I was hesitant to purchase this unknown brand due to my past experiences of bad quality coming from such brand names. When I read the other reviews, I took the risk and ordered it. Fortunately the risk was worth it and it is a very good quality CFC. I highly recommend it. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works just fine Review by Tracy Valleau
Put off by the kitchy company name, and lack of brand recognition, and the importance of my images, and backed up by a couple of Lexars that are working fine, I decided to have a go at this just to see. (If it were not for the customer reviews, I would have passed.) Ran the card thru a suite of computer tools I have for diagnosing and stress-testing hard drives, and it passed with a perfect score, having exercised every bit of the RAM. Off to the field with it, and it's worked flawlessly so far. No garbled images; no issues at all.

Sometimes I can still be pleasantly surprised. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Researched the product, preforms as expected Review by GeorgiaDude
After researching this flash, I felt it was the best considering cost and performance. It has been all I expected, plenty fast, over 140 hi-res JPEG's in continuous shooting mode, without slowing down. When shooting raw, the memory started to buffer after 15 shots, not bad I guess. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Works in a crunch Review by Jason McLemore
Bought this last minute on the suggestion of a friend. Buffer speed stays around 12 shots on RAW on my 5DmkIII. I think for the price, you can't beat this card. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
KOMPUTERBAY 32GB Review by Vinnymwano
works great! allows me to record raw with magic lantern...haven't had any problems with it yet. time to go fim ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Great Value Review by Liam Wright-Hoyt
This was perfect for what I needed it for, I shoot video and photos on my 5D Mark II and this handles everything no problem. You won't find better for less. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
No problems yet Review by Bewley Shaylor
Everything seems to be working fine so far, haven't had the card long enough to know if its going to fail or not but Dave Dugdale recommended it on his site so thats good enough for me! ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
GREAT CARD - GREAT PRICE Review by Brian X. Hershberger
I purchased this 1000x card to record raw video with the magic lantern hack on my Canon 5Dmkii and it works great. It also adds about 3 frames to continuous shots when shooting high-speed stills.
***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
RAW Video with ML on a 7d, Review by Oarabile Tome
1 week-I havent met any problems so far,, works like a dream. I'm gonna update this review after a months use. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
I recommend it Review by GrumpyBTC
I learned about these cards from my photo group. I was a little skeptical at first but it works like a champ. Maybe I got lucky. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Magic Lantern made magical Review by daGoofinator "daGoofinator"
I use it for shooting raw on my Canon EOS 50D running the Magic Lantern firmware. Ultra fast and handles (almost) everything I throw at it. Great card. I'll be buying more soon for a trip I'm planning on shooting a travel documentary on. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
High speed, low drag Review by Bogie
The one thing I was looking for was the ability of the card to keep up with my 5D Mk III. This card fills that request. When matched with a fast UDMA 7 card reader, the images transfer to Lightroom very quickly. Good price, lifetime warranty, seemingly good customer service (based on other reviews, I haven't had to contact them); I can't think of any reason not to own this card. Highly recommended and I will be buying more... ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
Super product Review by Zil Brill
It fits my Nikon D200 perfectly, which enables me to store a great deal of pictures for all my traveling memorabilia. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)
nice buy. good for RAW recording Review by chad
Works great on the 5D2 for RAW in 2.35. I had trouble shooting 16x9 due to speed issues which may have been from the card but this may be different on the 5D3. ***This review was posted on:*** (Posted on 28/07/2014)

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